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Neko Nation Purrth – Features and Highlights

Posted on Nov 27, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Not long to go now till Neko Nation Purrth, and we’re very excited with how the event is coming along so we’re excited to be sharing some really awesome plans of what to expect on the night KCDC Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew or KCDC for short have been the most talked about K-Pop and cosplay dance group in Perth.  Their recent Attack on Titan performance at Yobe Chibi Con has been viewed over 400,000 times!   Neko Nation is proud to have KCDC back once again for another amazing K-Pop and cosplay dance performance, they’ve got the outfits, they’ve got the moves and synchronising and combining all that talent comes out as an absolutely amazing performance that can’t be missed! Game on with Pyon! We’ll be dedicating the upper floor room to Pyon Gaming!  Pyon Gaming will be bringing along their amazing console library and entertainment system as seen at conventions around Perth.  We are pleased to have 5 TV’s set up with a variety of awesome multiplayer games across multiple consoles, where you’ll be able to fight and race against friends and new friends you can make in the gaming area!  Getting exhausted from dancing?  Then this is an absolutely awesome place to chill and have loads of fun! Fire Twirling by Miss Obscene...

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Neko Nation Purrth Preparation Guide!

Posted on Nov 24, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Nation is almost upon us, whether you’re an experienced veteran to Neko Nation events or a first timer, we’ve got a whole bunch of information that will be helpful to prepare for the night! Getting to the event Neko Nation Purrth is located at Gilkisons Dance Studio, below you can find a picture of what it looks like during the day, on the night, you’ll most likely find a lot of cosplayers on the outside to help find it! Public Transport Gilkisons is a short walk from either of the Perth Train station exits. If you are coming from the regular Perth Train station, find Murray street and keep walking down till you find Gilkisons. If coming from the Underground Station, you can exit to the Murray Street mall, so keep walking East down Murray Street till you find Gilkisons! Tip: If you need cash, there are a few ATM’s on Murray street before entering Neko Nation. By Car and Parking We recommend parking in Wilson Parking next to Kings, there are a number of car parks near Gilkisons but this one has been recommended to us by nearby hotels in the area for being one of the safest ones in the area and close to Gilkisons. Pre-Neko Meetup Want to meet up with...

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Neko Nation Sydney – Features and Highlights

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Nation Sydney is back and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!  It’s been 6 months since the last show and we’ve been putting in a lot of work into our latest edition of Neko Nation, a brand new venue, many interstate performers and a tonne of love and labour is going into this one and here’s some of the highlights you can expect on Caturday night! DJ’s Dancers Our awesome DJs will be backed up by...

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Neko Sydney – Preparation Guide

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Nation is almost upon us, whether you’re an experienced veteran to Neko Nation events or a first timer, we’ve got a whole bunch of information that will be helpful to prepare for the night! Getting to the event Neko Nation Sydney is located at Manning Bar.  It’s located within the ground of The University of Sydney. From Public Transport BY BUS For stops on Parramatta Rd (closest to the Quadrangle) catch buses on routes 412, 413, 435, 436, 437,...

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Neko Newbie Survival Guide!

Posted on Nov 12, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

New to Neko Nation?  Want to know what exactly the event is about and what you’ll need to attend and have a good time, then here’s a quick guide to help you get the most out of your first Neko Nation event! What is Neko Nation? Neko Nation is an anime nightclub event, it’s a dance party for cosplayers, anime fans, gamers, lovers of Japanese culture and pop culture.  The event features DJ’s playing anime, gaming, Japanese music and...

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DJ Line-Up for Sydney – November 2015

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Nation Sydney is almost here and we’re excited to announce the DJ line-up for this one. The DJ lineup is something that we’ve been working very hard on for this show as we have spent many months figuring out the best music policy for the show. Should we focus on pop? J-Pop, K-Pop and 90’s pop music? Should it be about anime, video gaming and pop culture? Should it be focused on rave and EDM genres, especially Japanese...

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Neko Sydney – Interstate DJ guests

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Sydney is back and it’s bigger and better than ever, not only are we expanding to an awesome new venue with a super amazing decor set and tonnes of awesomeness that you expect from Neko Nation that turn new people into fans and a few new surprises for the Neko veterans.  Neko Sydney will be bringing along an amazing local Sydney DJ Lineup that we will be announcing a bit closer to the date, for this show we...

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Neko Nation Argentina

Posted on Aug 6, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

Neko Nation is going to be doing it’s first international show in Argentina!  ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ On August 14th, the new Neko Nation Argentina team will be putting on an amazing night of industrial, hardstyle, hardcore and J-Core for a unique one of a kind anime cosplay party event in Argentina, if you’re from Argentina or good with Spanish, more details below! Viernes 14 de Augusto Primer Piso Bar Rivadavia, 1392 Capital Federal 23:55 – tarde Llega a la Argentina la primera...

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I <3 anisong comes to Australia!

Posted on Jul 19, 2015 in Other Events

SMASH! is proud to present in association with SOZO, TWH and Anime at Abbotsford, for the very first time at SMASH! I Love Anisong. Since its inception in 2008, I Love Anisong has been making huge waves in the international music scene, showcasing high-quality concerts in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. This year, I Love Anisong has joined forces with SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show for one night only! In this one magical evening, world renowned artists will grace...

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Website and Show Updates

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Calendar, Upcoming Shows

Website Updates As some of you may have noticed the website has been out of date for a while, basically it’s updated just by myself and I’ve had a pretty flat out past 12 months with non-Neko related business and my personal life to not have the time to do all the updates I want to the website but now I’ve recently had the chance this month to fix a fair few issues.  A lot of out of date...

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