About Us

Welcome to Neko Nation, an event inspired by the anime nightclubs of Akihabara taking place here in Australia!   Neko Nation is a unique nightclub experience for those who love anime, cosplay and Japanese culture to dance, drink and party the night away in a safe environment.  Ever wanted to hear your songs from anime and video games?  Want to go to a club in cosplay and be surrounded by other cosplayers?  Want to be able to party and interact with other awesome anime fans?  Then Neko Nation is the place to be!

Your soundtrack throughout the night is provided by amazing DJ’s across Australia featuring a variety of genres and styles of music.  Don’t expect the latest top 40 hits and RnB here, expect plenty of K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Core, chiptunes, bubblegum pop, pop culture tracks plus tunes and remixes from your favourite animes and video games!.  Neko Nation’s soundtrack is very unique and special guests from all around Australia and even Japan including TeddyLoid, S3RL, Yui Kanan, SiSeN, GPK and LeLe just to name a few have made an appearance.  Learn more about our DJ’s here.

We’ve got sound sorted and we’ve also got visuals sorted through working with an amazing tech team to create an awesome state of the art club experience but to turn this a nightclub into an anime wonderland we’ve got AMV’s playing, prizes to give away to those who dressed up and danced their hearts out, we have special anime and gaming themed cocktails to help you party hard and we have video games on hand to play.  Although most importantly what’s an anime event without fan service though?

Neko Nation features, super sexy catgirls serving free sushi! Why stumble around late night around town to wait in a long line to get an overpriced kebab?  We’ve got cute and sexy catgirls serving hundreds of pieces of sushi from Australia’s best sushi caterers to all our guests!  Our catgirls aren’t just any ordinary promo girls or models, they’re massive anime fans, gamers, cosplayers and in general they just want to party and have fun with all our guests!  Learn more about Neko Nation’s sexy stars!


The origins of the event started off as an experimental “one-off show” in Perth in February 2011, in the lead up to the event numerous critics slammed the event, claiming an event like this was doomed to fail as they predicted the old stereotype of anime fans and geeks as “basement dwellers” who don’t want to go out and party.  Many fans helped to prove the critics wrong as the event was well supported proving that give anime fans the right place and they love to party just as much as anyone else does!  Since the first event, Neko Nation expanded interstate to Adelaide within a few months and within a year Neko Nation held their first Australian tour in all five major capital cities around Australia!   Neko Nation has now expanded into new ventures which includes tour management for Japanese international DJs and live acts in Australia, event advisory services for a variety of events including convention after parties and also Nekonomicon, our charity catgirl calendar which raises much needed funds for cat shelters around Australia.

Curious to know why Neko Nation is becoming one of the fastest growing events in the anime and pop culture scene?  Then please check out the links to learn more about our event!