Awesome DJ’s playing all your favourite anime, gaming and Japanese music tracks and more plus catgirls serving free sushi, what more could you possibly want?  Well Neko Nation aims to provide more than that, our events can feature some of these awesome additions!  Check out your city’s show for more details relating to your show.


Neko Nation has an incredibly free dress code, the crazier your outfit ideas the better!  Not only is Neko Nation a cosplay friendly nightclub but it’s heavily encouraged for your chance to dress us and to win prizes thanks to our sponsors

Video Gaming

Get your game on against you best friends and new friends you’ll make on the night.  We’ve got 8 player Smash Bros Wii U in most cities and mega gaming rooms in Perth and Sydney.

Anime Cocktails

While the bars at Neko Nation provide a nice wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including free water, one of our specialities are our unique anime cocktails!

Amazing decor and atmosphere

We make sure that we make it look like that there’s no party like a Neko Nation party!  From cats that shoot laser beams and breathe smoke, a pillow fort, giant LED sakura trees, 5 meter anime wall scrolls, sound activated death stars, a cat spaceship stage and AMV’s played in the background, we work on some pretty cool and incredible stuff!

Safe and Secure environment

Neko Nation is a safe environment and does not discriminate against race, gender, looks, sexual orientation or any personal beliefs.  We are open to all whether you are a hardcore anime fan or have a slight curiousity with Neko Nation.  We have a strict anti-harassment policy in place to ensure everyone can have a safe and fun time.

Live Performances

Some of our events feature go-go dancers equipped with glowsticks, poi dragon staffs, and even fire, choreographed dance performances, burlesque, J-Pop and J-Rock singers and live chiptune performances.