Caturday, October 22nd 2016

The Brightside

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An event inspired by the anime nightclubs of Akihabara, Japan taking place right here in Brisbane, Australia!    Taking inspiration from Japan’s maid cafes, we’ve got catboys and catgirls who will be making sure that you’re well looked after with free sushi and free candy throughout the night, no need to hunt around for an expensive kebab when we’ve got your food and fan service sorted for free!  Neko Nation is home to anime, gaming, Japanese music DJs, plus a wide variety of amazing live acts and interstate acts.  Some of the highlights include Paradise Crew, Aisaka Dream, A-Muse, Jadeabella (NSW), Catalystic (WA), S3RL and more!  ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Neko Nation Brisbane will once again be hosted at the amazing venue, The Brightside with three awesome areas.  Chill out, drink, socialise and take it easy in our chillout zone, dance in the refreshingly breezy outdoor Neko Garden to anime, gaming and Japanese music tunes from local and interstate DJ’s plus be amazed by awesome poi and fire dancers.  For those who like it harder and faster, we’ve got an awesome indoor BIOS arena, featuring video games.   (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

For anime fans and those with an interest in Japanese culture this is an event not to be missed!  From the team that brought you amazing Japanese acts including SiSeN, Yui Kanan and the recent sold out TeddyLoid event, Neko Nation is well beloved in Brisbane and all around Australia being considered by many to be one of the major highlights of the anime events scene all around Australia. Neko Nation welcomes veterans and newcomers with our friendly and loving atmosphere in our new amazing Brisbane mega show!  ヽ( ★ω★)ノ


Latest Updates

Neko Nation Brisbane Spring 2016 Lineup Announced

The lineup for Neko Nation Brisbane has been announced, featuring a wide variety of talented DJ’s from all across Australia and even Singapore!  We’ve got a talented array of masters in their genre from anime, gaming, hardcore, J-Pop, K-Pop and much more!  We’ve got spectacular burlesque, fire and dance crew performances as well to take advantage of the mega Neko Prefecture stage.  Plus we’re seeing the return of DJ S3RL back to Neko Nation Brisbane after his tour of USA and Japan.  The lineup for the BIOS Arena (indoors) will be announced soon too.

Event Details

Neko Nation Brisbane
Caturday, October 22nd 2016


The Brightside
27 Warner Street
Fortitude Valley


Earlybirds: $19+bf
Second Release Tickets: $23+bf
Final Release Tickets: $27+bf
Door: $37

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New Venue and Layout

We have moved to our awesome new venue The Brightside.  The new venue is much larger than our previous venue and split up into three different zones, allowing you to have a different experience of the Neko Nation Brisbane event.

The Gateway

This is where it all begins, the first area of Neko Nation Brisbane where you’ll be able to socialise, drink and chill out at Neko Nation, if you ever need a break from the action then head out here, show off your cosplays, get photos taken, meet new people or even catch Pokemon with the lures we’re putting out all night.  This area will be open all night long!

Neko Garden

Our new Neko Prefecture is the biggest change to ever take place at a Neko Nation event in Australia.  A massive outdoor festival styled area with undercover sheltering.  We’ve got a massive new stage allowing us to have way more performance styles and performers joining alongside Neko’s best DJ’s from all around Australia.  We’ve got video gaming, amazing decor, a photobooth and even a purikura area!  Due to liquor licensing this area will close at midnight.

BIOS Arena

Neko Nation introduces to you the BIOS production crew.  A team dedicated to making this section hard, fast and intense.  It’ll be a room inspired by Neko events of the past and filled with amazing technical wizards behind the decks.  With it’s own bar, multiple levels to catch the action on, the only indoor arena to make for an intense atmosphere.  While this room starts late, it ends late, going from 9pm to 3am or event later!


Fire Performances

Whether it’s through poi, staves or eating fire, these performances are sure to heat things up incredibly.  The Neko Garden will be featuring some amazing fire performances alongside our DJ’s plus an amazing unique fire performance taking centre stage later in the night.

Aisaka Dream

Aisaka Dream can be a beautiful, dark, mysterious and cute burlesque performer who uses her dance to create a unique performance with a variety of themes including Japanese and cosplay themes and elements.  This time she will be bringing her stunning Nurse Joy routine to Neko.

Dance Crews

Paradise Crew

Paradise Crew are one of Brisbane’s leading J-Pop and K-Pop dance groups, known for their amazing choreography, outfits and dance moves, fresh of their performance at the Australian finals of the K-Pop World Festival, we are excited to have Paradise Crew come back to Neko!


Dress to impress!  We’ve got an incredibly open minded dress code when it comes to our events.  While we have a number of photographers getting photos throughout the night, to guarantee your photo it taken, make sure you stop by one of these two spots to get your photos on.


Forgotten Memories Photography

The photobooth will be back at Neko Nation thanks to our friends at Forgotten Memories Photography.  Get you and your friends together to guarantee and strike your best poses.  Show off your amazing cosplays and outfits here and make sure you make a stop here to guarantee that your photo will definitely be posted up after the event!


If you’ve ever been to Japan or even your local arcade, Purikura (プリクラ) machines are a popular and common sight.  These photobooth machines allow you to take photos with your friends and afterwards edit the photos in numerous fun ways.  After editing you’ll be able to collect your photos, this will be free in the Neko Prefecture!


To ensure that you’ll be able to drink and party on we’ve got a number of bars at our event to help keep the party going.

Multiple Bars

Our new venue features multiple bars and more bar staff than ever in the past to ensure better bar service for all.  The Brightside has an insane number of drink options whether you’re into spirits, wines, beers or non-alcoholic.


We’ve got some awesome new cocktails planned for our return to Brightside, it’s a bit of a surprise for now but Neko Nation and Brightside have been working together and scheming some awesome new drinks for you to enjoy!

Video Gaming Area

Our old Nintendo Wii’s have evolved into WiiU’s, we’ve expanded to two consoles and TV’s to ensure more people can join in our gaming area!

Super Smash Brothers (WiiU)

A popular favourite amongst gamers at Neko, the latest Super Smash Bros has arrived.  Battle on your favourite arenas of the past with amazing new graphics plus new arenas, all your favourite characters are back with some awesome new ones, including DLC characters such as Cloud (FF7), Ryu (Street Fighter), Bayonetta and more!  Best of all, there’s a crazy new 8 player mode, so pickup a Gamecube controller and get brawling!

Pokken Tournament

Pokemon fans will have the opportunity to experience Pokemon’s new fighting based game.  Made by the team behind the successful Tekken franchise, the game allows you to pick numerous Pokemon for combat and support in numerous arenas.  Very simple to pick up and lots of fun, there’s no rapidly tapping your mobile phone here!  Make sure you make a Pokestop here to battle other fellow trainers!

Free Sushi!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and also catboys will once again be taking place at this event, as usual make sure you get in early to get plenty of sushi while it’s fresh and plentiful.  If you’re not a fan of sushi we’ve also got candy being served as well.  Our venue also has food options if you prefer other food later on in the night.  Below you can find some details on some of our catgirls and catboys for the night!

Hexi & Miss Jinx

These two cuties are your head catgirls and glowstick kitties. While they may dream of Kyary bots and hello kitty,don’t let their sunny demeanour fool you. They are as sweet as they seem! Career minded and wanting to make sure everything around them sparkles, come see them for your glowing needs and a chat about how much they love KPop and sweet things!


Puffsprite is a well travelled fashion designer! Having opened his new store CovenXIII.  This passionate kitty loves  to talk about  and create designs but with their sharp wit and great personality.



Kouvu is an aspiring Youtuber and lover of cats! A person who loves to share happy experiences with the world sharing smiles and happiness where they go!


Pharaoh is an amazing cosplay enthusiast and a diety for Modern dieties. An admin to the Cosplay Australia page , Pharaoh is the purrfect fit!  Being a veteran of Neko Nation they are no stranger to kitties or sushi!

Mikky Kitty


Animal lover and plushie collecter.  Mikky Kitty is ready to serve you! Not only with sushi but also puns! Don’t be fooled by this kittens shy exterior,she can laugh and pun well!

Twerkin Gherkin


Twerkin Gherkin is no stranger to Neko or cosplay! This stunning cosplayer loves dressing up as fictional characters & sewing. While she’s not reading comics or crying over fictional characters she is forever growing her cosplay base not only with absolutely amazing outfits but her character portrayal too

Kiyomii San


Kiyomii San is a 19 year old cosplayer, re-enactor cat & tea enthusiast. This kitty absolutely loves anything nerdy and japan inspired.  A veteran of Neko, look out for her lovely smile when you get your sushi fix!


An artist, photographer, writer, gamer, game designer, and rush-hour costume designer.  Tonky loves surrounding themselves with fun people. They are more than willing to act like a complete goofball if gets that job done and make someone’s night.


KhiBee is a happy go lucky kitty who loves to goof and make people happy.  This kitten will lure you with their awesome cosplays and sweet personality.

Neko Prefecture DJs

The Neko Prefecture will be featuring focusing on the very best anime, gaming and Japanese music DJ’s that Australia has to offer.  We are importing the very best of our DJ’s from around Australia with 5 out of 7 DJ’s coming in interstate for this mega show, the other 2 locals have been had a vast amount of experience interstate and proud to represent Brisbane!


One of the world’s most legendary hardcore producers.  His pop culture hardcore hits including the likes of Pika Girl, Princess Bubblegum, MTC, Neko Nation Anthem remix and more!  Fresh of his USA and Japan tour, S3RL returns to Neko Brisbane!

Silhouette D’Amour (VIC)

Silhouette D’Amour is one of Melbourne’s most spectacular and famous J-Pop and K-Pop DJ’s.  Having played at gaming bars, goth clubs, J-Pop nights, K-Pop nights and Neko Nation events this stunning beauty is set to make her Neko Brisbane debut!

Catalystic (WA)

The man behind TeddyLoid’s Australian debut, Catalystic is one of Neko Nation’s most versatile DJ’s, he will be bringing a mix of anime anthems and remixes in the Neko Prefecture and later cranking out J-Core in the BIOS Arena.


The absolutely stunning Meji will be returning to Neko Nation Brisbane after his East Coast DJ tour.  This time he’ll be bringing all his favourite gaming tunes and remixes that got crowds over Sydney and Melbourne moving and now in Brisbane.

Jadeabella (NSW)

One of Australia’s top cosplay DJ’s, she’s played in numerous clubs and events in Sydney and all over Australia.  Expect anime, gaming and pop culture remixes to make for a fast, energetic set full of reference well loved by cosplayers and anime fans alike!


The Singaporean Superstar makes his way to Neko Brisbane.  This South East Asian hardcore DJ is the man behind the Singapore Hardcore Crew and the incredibly successful Venom Drive label, bringing an awesome hybrid style of J-Core and hardcore, he’s set to get the crowd going crazy!

BIOS Arena

The BIOS Arena will be an area dedicated to those who love it absolutely hard, fast and intense.  Presented by the incredibly technically skilled and experienced BIOS Crew we have teamed up together with this awesome crew to create this intense experience for those crave high energy beats and want to dance late in the night!

8:00 – 9:30 // Noisedisturbance // DnB& Glitch

9:30 – 10:30 // Essi // J-DnB

10:30 – 11:30 // Tessel // Darkwave

11:30 – 1:00 // SHRK // EBM & Industrial

1:00 – 2:00 // Sei // Japanoise

2:00 – 3:00 // Essi // J-core

Essi (NSW)

Essi has had a massive history with Sydney’s rave scene both behind the scene and decks.  He’s going to bring a mix of intense hardcore with euphoric Japanese vocals to make for an unmissable set.

Tessel (NSW)

Making his Brisbane debut at last, this extremely talented designer is bringing something new to the Brisbane scene – an epic arrangement of dark and bassy beats to please all the Deckers and Street Samurai out there.


Hard & Heavy are terms to live by for this local engineer cross DJ, aggressively making his way in the Brisbane Industrial scene. With a repertoire of progressive and punchy beats, SHRK will be sure to have you dancing the night away.


For the past few years this local DJ & Producer has been making a name for himself with a vast array of Technical & Glitchy Bass mixes, unleashing the full force of his live & studio skills on unsuspecting ears.


One of the minds behind the scenes of Neko Nation Brisbane, Sei brings an arsenal of aggressive Japanese sounds to bear – with roots in Speedcore, J-Core & Industrial, this local mecha fanatic cross audio engineer is armed with noise for many tastes.

Getting There


By Train

Get off at Fortitude Valley Train Station and it’s a 5 minute walk, following Brunswick Street, Wickham Street and Warner Street


There are a number of carparks in Fortitude Valley but we recommend McWirthers on Warner Street which is right next to our venue!


If you wish to safely catch a cab you can do so at Ann Street near Kathmandu.  With that said, you’re probably better off catching an Uber to and from the event.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Neko Nation is an 18+ event. Neko Nation takes place in a licensed venue, according to the liquor licensing act, only the following current (not expired) ID is acceptable
– Proof of Age Card
– Australian Driver’s License
– Passport (Any nationality)
Student cards, bank cards and mecha licences are not acceptable by law, sorry even teenagers can pilot mecha.

Are there door tickets?
Possibly, if you are unable to buy tickets beforehand please get to the event early. A sellout is unlikely but there’s a possibility, please get in early to guarantee entry as our last Neko Nation Brisbane event did sellout.

What is the dress code for Neko Nation?
Cosplay is highly encouraged! We encourage cosplay, alternative and unique outfits for you to dress to impress for your chance to win prizes! We are very open minded with our dress policy, although please cover up all your appropriate parts and wear enclosed footwear.

What is the weapons and props policy for Neko Nation?
Weapons are highly discouraged at our events, unless made out of weaker materials (foam, cardboard) and look non threatening, (guns and swords are generally a no-go, compared to staffs and wands). Our policy is similar to many cosplay conventions although we tend to be a bit stricter, due to the darker environment, people dancing and alcohol. Security has the final say in regards to props and weapons.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Via the Facebook event page or website. Please note, we will not answer any questions within 48 hours of the event due to production work.

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