Interview with Andy Trieu

Introducing Andy Trieu. He’s an Asian-Australian TV presenter, Actor, and Martial Artist. He currently works on Australia’s number one program for Asian pop, SBS PopAsia and also was a co-host on internationally sold game show, Kitchen Whiz as the Kitchen Ninja. They’ve also been fortunate enough to work in stunts and some projects they have been a part of include Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, Wolverine, and Tomorrow when the war began.

Most people know you from SBS PopAsia, but we know you have been on some awesome shows like Kitchen Whiz & Maximum Choppage.  What has it been like going from shows like that to becoming a full- time presenter?

Having the opportunity to work on narrative pieces like Maximum Choppage is really fun.  Every day we may be on a different set, choreographing new action pieces, and doing new acting scenes so that keeps it very interesting.  As a presenter there is the same spontaneity, but we obviously do different tasks, for example, interviewing K-pop Stars, engaging with Asian-pop fans – telling their stories, and creating skits.  They both have their challenges, but I couldn’t think of a better job.

We heard you just got back from stunning Las Vegas getting at the world’s biggest tech convention CES! Tell us how the experience was! (fanboy as much as you like! 😛 )

I LOVE TECH.  I’m really getting into drones and camera gear #byemoney.  I just bought a Google home assistant too and she is now practically my girlfriend.  I also saw a suitcase that can follow you around in the airport.  It is super cool living in the future!  If anyone else wants to talk geek tech with me feel free to hit me up @andytrieu (Instagram)

What is it like to be known nationally and internationally as a K-pop Superstar Presenter?

I think the best thing about being an Asian pop presenter is that you can meet lots of new Asian pop fans all around the world and share something in common.  Most of my greatest friendships today have all been because of that.

Aside from K-pop, Do you have any other types of music you listen to and fave bands/groups?

I love western pop as well! I dig lots of Han Zimmer (Movie soundtracks), Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, R&B, James Arthur, Craig David, Steve Aoki, Tiesto!  Oh I love watching acoustic shows too!

Martial arts seems to be a massive influence in your life.  Can you tell us how that influence came about and what it means to you?  Did you start like the rest of us with Bruce Lee?

Jackie Chan was my main influence! My parents were a massive fan of his work and just always had it on.  From there as a kid I use to kick down chairs and mess up the house thinking that was okay, shortly after my parents sent me to kung fu school…

A lot of people don’t know you as a DJ. How long have you been playing for and how did you learn?

From learning to panel a radio show at SBS it surprising wasn’t a big leap to jump over to DJing.  When paneling a radio show you are choosing the hit tracks that your audience wants to hear and your job is to keep the vibe up too.  I’ve been lucky enough to have great DJ mentors such as DJ Mike Hyper and Jon Bling in Melbourne and they taught me the ropes over the last couple of years.  Asian pop tracks will always be my forte!

Of course, the much sought-after question: what is your fave game and/or Anime? (you can include K-drama too!)

My favorite game is Mortal Kombat – I LOVE MORTAL KOMBAT.  Favorite anime would have to be Evangelion!!

What inspires you to keep going.  From what we can tell there is a lot of travel in your line of work.  How do you stay so cheery and positive?

I get a big buzz out of finding new content opportunities so that keeps me going.  Whether that is meeting a K-pop star, interviewing fans that travel the world to see their bias, or eating the spiciest food in Vietnam.  I’m very thankful to be given this opportunity, it makes me cheery 🙂

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a K-pop Idol yourself?

I can’t say that I have.  I wouldn’t mind being in a K-pop stars entourage though…  I think that would be great content!

And lastly, what words of wisdom or advice can you offer your fans and readers?

Persistence and a plan has been the key for me in this journey.  If you are thinking of pursuing a creative path find like-minded friends that can support you and create a master plan… for…um…world domination.  Alternatively, just google it.  😉

Thanks so much Andy for taking the time to talk to us! 

Feel free to chat to Andy further on Instagram @andytrieu – You can catch him on SBS Popasia on SBS Sundays (9.00am!) AND at Neko Nation Sydney on the 17th of March playing all the KPOP!


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