Calendars now on Sale!

The Nekonomicon Calendars are out now!  We will be having a very exclusive limited run of stunning calendars for 2017, with the option of both a cosplay edition and a catgirl edition, can’t decide, then you can get both!

Nekonomicon is Neko Nation’s charity calendar which help raise funds for cat shelters around Australia while giving amazing cosplayers and catgirls to star in our calendars.  The calendars are available to purchase for $20 on the Nekonomicon website and make amazing Christmas gifts for friends, family or even a nice present for yourself!



If you want to preview the calendars or learn more about the charities we’re fundraising for, please scroll down for more details.

How long will it take to receive a calendar?

It can take up to a week as they are sent out from Perth and postage is slow around Christmas time, if you are worried about your calendar arriving in time for Christmas, we do have Express Post options, although we are only doing one run this year so they might not last till Christmas!

I live outside Australia, can I buy a calendar?

Yes, you definitely can, we’re more than happy to send our calendars internationally, as we’ve had a number of calendars sent out internationally in the apst.

How much money will go to the cat shelters?

50% will be going to the cat shelters, with the remaining 50% to go towards printing costs.  Additional costs such as the website, transaction fees, graphic design, etc. will be absorbed by Neko Nation.

What happened to the mixed calendar or a catboy calendar from 2016?

Unfortunately due to a lack of submissions for the mixed calendar, we have had to scrap it for 2017, we are hoping to bring it back for 2018 if we get enough submissions!

The calendars are listed as sold out, when will you restock?

We won’t, so get in quick before we sell out!  We’ve decided to only do one run this year to keep printing costs down.

2017 Calendars

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Catgirl Calendar

Cosplay Calendar

Cat Shelter Fundraising

It is estimated that there are over 2.7 million owned cats and somewhere between 5 and 12 million un-owned cats in Australia. About 30% of all households own at least one cat and there are about half a million kittens born each year. Sadly approximately 70,000 cats are put down in Australia every year.  Nekonomicon also encourages people to go beyond buying the calendar and donating additional money to help support or sponsor cats and kittens living at the shelter, even if you don’t have much money, even donating a few hours of your time will be a huge help to all these charities. Even better, if at all possible please look into adopting a kitten from one of these shelters. You will be able to pick up a cat or kitten for a fraction of the price from a pet store and it will also have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and you will have that feel good feeling of having saved a kitten!

Nekonomicon 2017 will raise funds for the following cat shelters
– Paws and Claws (Adelaide)
– Little Paws Kitten Rescue (Brisbane)
– Maneki Neko Cat Rescue (Melbourne)
– Cat Haven (Perth)
– Cat Rescue 901 (Sydney)

Participating Cat Shelters

Participating Cat Shelters