Sydney – Daylight Savings Affect on Event

On Sunday at 2am, Sydney shifts their clocks one hour forward for daylight savings, meaning that the event loses an hour, we originally were getting an extension to run the event an extra hour with a dry bar (non-alcoholic) but this has been revoked.  Unfortunately this is a situation out of our control, so the event will end at 2am (3am with daylight savings).

To compensate, we will be opening our doors at least 30 minutes early at 7:30pm and all performer and DJ set times have been pushed one hour forward.  Meaning the event will still go very much to what was originally planned.  While we would like to open an hour earlier at 7pm, it is unlikely due to logistical and technical issues, there was no DJ or entertainment planned for the first 30 minutes so this shouldn’t have much of an effect on the event anyways.

We’d greatly like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, we’ve only  just recently received the news, you can find the update DJ lineup below.

Neko Nation Sydney event details

DJ Lineup

7:30-8:00 // Catalystic (WA) / Vaporwave
8:00-8:30 // Tessel / Synthwave
8:30-8:45 // Meji (QLD) / J-Rock
8:45-9:00 // Zichxyna (QLD) / J-Rock (Live)
9:00-9:30 // Little Raven / J-Trance
9:30-9:55 // Catalystic (WA) / Love Live
9:55-10:00 // Love Live / DANCE
10:00-10:30 // Jadeabella / Pop Culture
10:30-11:00 // Kenaz / Gaming
11:00-11:30 // Silhouette D’Amour (VIC) / J-Pop + K-Pop
11:30-12:00 // Meji / Gaming
12:00-12:30 // Cherax / Anime
12:30-1:00 // Essi / Trap/DnB
1:00-1:30 // Sei (QLD) / Japanoise
1:30-2:00 // Catalystic (WA) / J-Core