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Neko Nation Sydney isn’t just all about DJ’s, catgirls and catboys, while they play a huge part in the event, Neko Nation also features a wide variety of performers, features and attractions across the show to make it an absolutely memorable night!  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


It’s not just the DJ’s, catgirls and catboys on stage.  There will also be some very special spectacular performances as well on the night too, so keep your eye on stage for these amazing performers!

Coleman Cosplays

An absolutely stunning cosplayer who you may have recognised last time as one of the Me! Me! Me! dancers.  This time she will be on stage with an incredible pole routine at around 10pm.  She will be backed up by her dance partner to have a dynamic duo of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy pole dancing which isn’t to be missed!


An absolutely stunning dancer who creates beautiful art with her tools of her choice, whether it be with staffs, fire or poi, this talented dancer will be showing off her amazing staff and poi skills and will be joined alongside, Cem, Jadeabella and Kenaz.


Insanis are one of Sydney’s most amazing dancing duo in the rave scene.  Known for their spectacular outfits and hi energy style, they will be leading the charge on stage with a spectacular performances, supported by the catgirls and catboys.

Video Gaming Arena

We have a spectcular video game arena with 10 playable multiplayers games across a wide variety of videos games across various consoles.  Our latest additions are featured below.

Super Smash Brothers (WiiU)

A popular favourite amongst gamers at Neko, the latest Super Smash Bros has arrived.  Battle on your favourite arenas of the past with amazing new graphics plus new arenas, all your favourite characters are back with some awesome new ones, including DLC characters such as Cloud (FF7), Ryu (Street Fighter), Bayonetta and more!  Best of all, there’s a crazy new 8 player mode, so pickup a Gamecube controller and get brawling!

Pokken Tournament

Pokemon fans will have the opportunity to experience Pokemon’s new fighting based game.  Made by the team behind the successful Tekken franchise, the game allows you to pick numerous Pokemon for combat and support in numerous arenas.  Very simple to pick up and lots of fun, make sure you make a Pokestop here to battle other fellow trainers!

Free Stuff!

Throughout the night, you can get free sushi from catgirls, free candy from catboys and maybe some free glowsticks if you’re lucky.  However just before the dancefloor, get some free souvenirs from Neko while you can!

Kandi Making Station

In the rave scene making kandi is a beloved past time of many ravers.  For those unfamiliar with kandi making, it’s simple, you get a piece of string and thread together beads to make a bracelet, using a variety of different coloured beads including letter beads, you can personalise it based on your favourite colours, anime characters or even your Pokemon Go team!

Free Balloon Sculptures

Georgie Loons is one of Australia’s best balloon sculpurist and easily the best in the anime, gaming and pop culture scene having recently made a lifesize Koro-Sensei as seen at Sydney Supanova!  Georgie Loons will be working near the start of the night but make sure you get in early to guarantee getting some awesome balloon scultptures made up, especially since they can light up too!


We will have a number of photographers and Deerstalkers filming video footage on the night, however to guarantee photos, we highly recommend checking out both our photobooths!

Little Raven Photobooth

Dressed to impress, then be sure to stop by the Little Raven Photobooth, throughout the night you can either pose solo or with friends in a brightly well lit area to show off your amazing outfits, be sure to add Little Raven Photography on Facebook to see your photos as soon as they are released!


Designed by Altercate, this amazing electronics and IT specialist has created the Nekobooth, heavily inspired by the Purikura photobooths of Japan, for a gold coin, you can get your photos taken in the booth, add special effects, stickers and stamps and get a print out of your photos.  Lots of fun, be sure to check the video to see it in action!

Dashcon 2016

We are a paying tribute to Dashcon with our own ballpit, you can totally have an hour free time in the ball pit, trust us it’ll be rad.  See you in the pit!

Neko Safety Squad

Every Neko Nation attendee has a right to have lots of fun in a safe and secure environment. To ensure that we commit fully to these beliefs on top of our venue security we also will have the Neko Safety Squad, a team dedicated to maintaining a peaceful, fun, safe environment for all.

The Neko Safety Squad will enforce a strong zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment.  Regards of your race, gender, sexual preference or disability, everyone should be allowed to enjoy the event without fear of any harassment.

The team will take a strong stance on anyone taking actions on any unwanted behaviour.  This can include making any unwanted advances or taking photos of other guests without permission, it never hurts to ask for permission when taking photos!

Above all, it’s all about being respectful, kind and fun to one another, the safety squad will be taking a much more personal and understanding towards our guest than venue security who are more specialised in providing a physical presence.

The Neko Safety Squad is lead by Herbie the manager of Neko Nation Sydney who is security by moonlight and making outfits by daylight.  Being a professionally qualified security guard plus incredibly experienced and understanding in the cosplay scene makes him incredibly experience to lead and also educate his team to ensure that Neko Nation Sydney is a safe, fun, awesome environment for everyone!

Latest Updates

A mega line-up for Sydney!

Our DJ Lineup is now out!

8:35-9:10 // Anime // Tachikoma
9:10-9:45 // Synthwave // Tessel
9:45-10:20 // J-Pop + K-Pop // Catalystic
10:20-10:55 // Pop Culture // Jade + Kenaz
10:55-11:30 // Gaming // Meji
11:30-12:05 // Anime // Cherax
12:05-12:40 // Anime+Gaming // Silhouette D’Amour
12:40-1:15 // Bubblegum Pop // Altercate
1:15-1:50 // J-Core // Sei
1:50-2:25 // J-Core // Essi
2:25-3:00 // J-Core // Catalystic

Event Details

Neko Nation Sydney
Caturday, July 16th 2016


Manning Bar
Manning Rd (University of Sydney)


Earlybird Tickets: $19+bf
Presale Tickets:$25+bf
Door: $35

*Door tickets available *UNLESS SOLD OUT PRIOR*

This is a strictly 18+ event, photo ID required.

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Neko Nation Sydney @ Manning Bar

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