Neko Nation never dies!

We will be making our grand comeback on Caturday, March 17th, 2018 in Sydney.  The new event will be taking place at our stunning new dual story venue Max Watts, located in the heart of Sydney’s Entertainment District.  Neko Nation has been working incredibly hard to bring a brand new experience featuring amazing DJs specialising in music from anime, video games, pop culture, Japanese artists and K-Pop. We’ve got places for you to chill out, take photos, play video games and even get a drink from the bar. Plus we’ve got our famous catgirls and catboys serving free sushi!.  It’s been a very long wait but it’s good to be back and we’ve got some exciting announcements to make about this event below!

The Living Tombstone (USA)

He is one of the most talented producers in the world when it comes to video gaming and pop culture remixes and covers. His career started off in the My Little Pony fandom, where he rose to fame through his tracks such as Discord, Pinkie’s Brew and Dubstep Dishwasher. To prove he was more than a one trick pony, he found tremendous success with his work with Five Night’s of Freddy’s and his Spooky Scary Skeleton’s remix. In recent years, he’s worked with the likes of H3H3, Markiplier, Gumi, performed across multiple continents and has had even more releases and success with recent releases focusing on Mario, Splatoon and Overwatch.

Neko Nation Sydney will be The Living Tombstone’s very first Australian live performance and it’s certainly a performance you don’t want to miss!


One of the biggest names in the world when it comes to happy hardcore. He first dabbled in music creation on the Playstation 1, grabbed professional tools and got signed to the Nu Energy Collective in 2005. He gained a lot of traction in Australia and worldwide in the happy hardcore community with his fast and euphoric beats but this was only the beginning. Inspired by his love of old school fighting games and love of pop culture, he found gained a great following in the pop culture community for tracks such as “Neon Genesis”, “Princess Bubblegum”, “Pika Girl”, “Techno Kitty”, “Space Invader”, “Neko Nation Anthem (Remix)” and more!

Andy Trieu

A martial arts champion, Kid’s show TV Host and was once of CLEO’s Top 50 bachelors but these days Andy is best know as the face and host of SBS PopAsia.  Without a doubt the biggest authority when it comes to K-Pop in Australia and will be making his Neko Nation debut in Sydney!

Performances by



Love Live Dance Group



Live vocalist behind the hit song GG


Play Girls

K-Pop Dance Group


Free Sushi served by Catgirls and Catboys!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and catboys will once again be taking place at this event!  Keep an eye out for our amazing catgirls and catboys who will make sure that you’re being well fed and full of energy to get throughout the night.  We’ve also got free candy, cupcakes and glowsticks as well, so you’ll be able to survive the high energy night with a sugar rush.  Our catgirls and catboys can also be seen dancing on the stage, mingling with our guests and even giving away free glowsticks if you’re lucky enough!

Video Gaming

The ever popular video gaming room makes a return to Neko Nation Sydney once again.  Get your game on against other anime fans and cosplayers as you can battle, race and outscore each other over a wide variety of consoles and video games.  From old school to next gen, we’ve got your gaming fix covered regardless of what you play!


Thanks to our friends at Little Raven Photography, you can get some amazing shots of yourself in your amazing outfits and cosplays.  An absolutely incredible photographer who is responsible for some amazing photos taken of models and cosplayers alike in Sydney, you’ll have an opportunity to get a great photo of yourself which will be available to get online via Facebook not too long after the event.

Local Anime + Gaming DJs

It’s not just about our 3 headliners and 3 main performances, we’ve got a bunch of amazing local DJs supporting our major acts on the night!  Our local DJs will be playing the very best in anime, video gaming, pop culture, Japanese music and more!  Our DJs have been major highlights all over Sydney events, Australia and in the case of Jadeabella internationally too!

Mega Lighting, Sound and Decor

Neko Nation Sydney will once again be bringing an absolutely amazing sound, lighting and decor extravaganza.  We’ve got a new venue, which will feature better sound quality and an amazing new lighting setup.   We’ll be combining the latest in LED technology, anime art and Japanese gardens to create an unbelievable amazing new staging setup on the biggest Neko Nation stage to date!

Japanese Alcohol

Neko Nation Sydney will have bars all across two floors, enabling to get your drinks faster than at previous Neko events.  We’ve got a wide variety of drinks including beer, wine, spirits, energy drinks, soft drinks and plus for the first time ever, we’ll be sponsored by Choya so you’ll be able to get amazing Japanese beverages combining Soda and Umeshuu (Japanese Wine).  The top floor bar will come with an amazing seated chillout areas and a balcony so you watch all the action, DJs and performances down below!

Anime Balloons!

It’s time to get twisted with Georgie Loons for free balloons! Georgie Loons is no ordinary balloon twister, she’s a super talent balloon artist who has worked for the likes of AnimeLab and Madman to create amazing art out of balloons.  Best of all it’s free for all our guests plus she’ll be able to create special LED balloon creations too!


Caturday, March 17th, 2018
Max Watts Sydney
Entertainment Qtr, Building 220,
122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW

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We’ve only just mentioned a brief snippet of what to expect at Neko Nation Sydney 2018.  There’s a lot more too it than you think, check below to learn more about our DJ’s, performers, catgirls and catboys and what additional entertainment will be in store for you on the night!

Full Guide to DJs and Performers

We may have listed a few of our headlining DJs and performers, but that’s not all.  We’ve got an amazing array of talented local DJs who have been mixing awesome tunes all across Sydney, Australia and even the world.  You can also get more details about our performers too and learn more about what all our DJs have to offer and what you can expect to hear at Neko Nation Sydney!

Find out more about our DJs here

Catgirls, Catboys and Free sushi

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and catboys will once again be taking place at this event!  Keep an eye out for our amazing catgirls and catboys who will make sure that you’re being well fed and full of energy to get throughout the night.  Inspired by the maid cafes of Akihabara, Japan, this is Neko Nation’s answer to having our catgirls and catboys entertain and look after you throughout the night to make it an absolutely magical night!

Find out about our catboys and catgirls here!

Guide to Preparing for Neko Nation Sydney

We’ve got this amazing show for you to enjoy but how do you make the absolute most of it?  Well we’ll show you the best way to get there, what you’ll need to bring (ID, ticket), what to wear and how to best prepare for the night to make Neko Nation Sydney to be a night you’ll never want to forget!

Find out more about our tips about how to best prepare for Neko Nation Sydney here

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Countdown to Neko Nation Sydney