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Thank You

 I seriously can not thank everyone enough who has been involved with Neko Nation enough for everything they have done to help create this amazing series of fantastic events.  Since 2011 Neko Nation has been able to put on 75 events all over Australia to bring the anime and cosplay community an amazing club experience that has been experienced by thousands across the nation.

 Neko Nation was originally started as a university holidays side project, with the plan to originally do a one off event inspired by anime nightclub events in Japan, convention after parties in America and Japanese music events happening locally.  After spending many years working on other people’s events I decided to give putting on my own events a shot and in 2011 I launched Neko Nation in Perth.  The event was quite a small success, attracting 100 people and lots of interest for another event not just in Perth but interstate.

It wasn’t long before we quickly expanded nationally, we hit up all the major cities, got amazing superstar DJs on board like S3RL and D*Jadeabella, attracted amazing catgirls all over Australia plus we started getting interest to do convention after parties.  The event kept growing and growing, with international interest from performers such as Yui Kanan, SiSeN, TeddyLoid, The Living Tombstone and more.  We had partner events around the world and even had a Neko Nation event in Argentina.

To see where Neko Nation ended up is incredibly unbelievable, when I first started in 2011, I had a lot of people telling me that this was a concept that wouldn’t work, that the geek communities don’t come out to do anything, especially party but I’m glad that all the naysayers were proven wrong.  At the start of the decade not only have the likes of Neko Nation grown massively, but we’ve seen the massive rise of cosplay, conventions and anime culture just absolutely explode and it’s been a very special to see the scene grow.

It’s a scene that I’m super proud to be a part off, the amount of creativity, energy and amazing people I’ve met through Neko Nation has been absolutely incredible.  While I do get my fair share of credit as the “Supreme Neko Overlord” with making this happen, a lot of this works because it’s an amazing gathering of people coming together, celebrating their love of anime, cosplay, video games, creativity and a release for them to escape the stress of their daily lives.  Each and every one of you have helped contribute greatly whether it’s helping run the shows, performing, serving sushi, taking photos, sponsoring or even just attending, every little bit has helped immensely.

I admit that originally the biggest motivation when I started Neko was waiting a long time for someone to put on an event like Neko and when nobody did I created it, mostly for myself.  I did not ever expect for Neko to ever get to this level and that fact so many people ended up joining me on this journey was truly something special.  It’s been an amazing 8 years and I’m going to miss all the amazing memories, times and experiences.

However, please don’t be sad that Neko is ending, be happy that it has happened, that we were part of something magical and special.  It will be gone but not forgotten.

Farewell, it’s been fun!

Thanks, Craig / Catalystic

Owner & Founder of Neko Nation


What is Neko Nation?

Neko Nation was Australia’s premier anime, gaming and cosplay party taking place all across Australian capital cities over the past decade.  Featuring DJs all over Australia and the world playing a wide variety of anime and gaming music, EDM, K-Pop, Japanese music and more, including the likes of TeddyLoid, S3RL, The Living Tombstone and more.  The event featured catgirls and catboys serving free sushi and candy all across the night.  On top of that stunning cosplay, LED, dance, idol and fire performances, video gaming rooms, anime cocktails, anime visuals, amazing sound lighting and decor.  Neko Nation put on 75 events across all capital cities and we are thankful for everyone who has supported us to make these amazing nights happen.  <3