Neko Nation’s 5th anniversary tour featuring TeddyLoid and S3RL is now officially a wrap.  It was an absolutely amazing tour of over 2 years in the making for our 5th anniversary show, where we smashed attendance records at all events for TeddyLoid’s amazing debut Australian performance!

Videography by Deerstalker Pictures

Our tour started off on Friday in Sydney at Manning Bar, a venue which has seen the likes of The Foo Fighters, Sepultura, Hoodoo Gurus, Wolfmother and now they can add TeddyLoid to that list!  While despite the Sydney crowd not used to attending events on a Friday, we had an amazing turn out as the Sydney event is considered the most impressive from a technical standard also in terms of the sheer space and variety of things to do.  TeddyLoid’s nerves about his first performance quickly melted after Kenaz and Jadeabella Cosplay put on a great Pop Culture set to help warm up the crowd to TeddyLoid.  Insanis (dancers) jumped on stage, TeddyLoid got introduced and got the packed Sydney crowd moving insanely quickly.  We saw a see of amazing outfits which included characters based on TeddyLoid’s music including variations of Panty and Stocking, a stunning Scanty and Kneesocks cosplay plus an amazing group of Me! Me! Me! girls.  TeddyLoid’s set may have been over but S3RL made sure the party continued late into the night and even Catalystic who was on last still had a pretty big crowd moving till close!


The party didn’t stop there as the tour moved onto Brisbane, one of the most highly anticipated cities on the tour, with the show selling out almost a week in advance, it was one of the hottest tickets in town!  The Brisbane show was absolutely electric taking place in the highly energetic and light Amped venue, a UV and LED lighting paradise to help set the mood for the intense energy that we were going to witness in Brisbane.  Brisbane was lucky enough to be the only show on the tour which featured live acts including a J-Pop and K-Pop dance performance from the amazing paradise crew and a very sexy geek burlesque performance from Aisaka Dream.  Despite the fatigue of the night before, TeddyLoid and S3RL got well rested and played absolutely spectacular sets, which saw the crowd dancing from the front of the venue to the back!  It’s always an insane party with the Brisbane show partying harder than others later into the night!

Videography by Filmcraft

The tour ended in Purrth, the place where Neko all began, so it was only fitting that we ended here.  Despite the unusual case of putting on a Neko Nation on a Sunday night which for most was a Labour Day holiday the next day, for some uni students and workers it wasn’t the case so we were very impressed by the turnout!  The Purrth show was always going to be the hardest one, as soon as we finished the pack up in Brisbane, we were on a plane to Purrth, rest would have been nice for us but the tour must go on!  While the Purrth show wasn’t the biggest, they were definitely the most enthusiastic despite a few delays with getting TeddyLoid to the venue, the crowd waited patiently as TeddyLoid made every single person in the room go absolutely crazy, we had some amazing dancing on the stage and off the stage, including the amazing MissObscene with a flaming katana.  Unlike the other cities, we had a short show (liquor licensing laws for early Sunday close), which meant unlike the other cities we didn’t have a break between TeddyLoid and S3RL to cool down a bit and Purrth still went absolutely crazy both for S3RL at the signing booths.  It was a really fun show and despite lack of sleep, TeddyLoid got through tonnes of signings and even was spotted playing arcade games with a few lucky fans!


With that said, easily our highlight of the tour came in Sydney, we saw 6 amazing dancers, Cilk Cosplay, Coleman Cosplays, KristyLeigh Cosplay, Miss Krash, Still Moments, Will-O-Wisps Cosplay come together for an amazing performance to TeddyLoid’s finale Me! Me! Me!  Deerstalkers did an amazing job filming this and we’re very excited and thankful for all involved as this has never happened with TeddyLoid officially


Neko Nation started in 2011 as a small experimental event in Perth based on the idea that no other anime club event really existed in Perth, let alone Australia.  Crowds at events in our first year were around 100 on average as we slowly expanded interstate throughout 2011 and 2012.  Fast forward to 2016 and we’re incredibly proud of everyone who has come to support out events whether as staff or an attendee to help the event grow into one of the largest non-convention anime events and bringing big Japanese internationals over to Australia, here’s to 5 more amazing years at Neko!

We will be back with 5 new Neko Nation events soon, more details later this month.

Oh and TeddyLoid may come back in the future, more details soon™