For many anime fans TeddyLoid is without a doubt one of the most popular and beloved DJ’s in the world, especially since Me! Me! Me! TeddyLoid has been gaining lots of attention and interest all over the world.  We look into an amazing history behind the amazing DJ and music producer TeddyLoid.  TeddyLoid has been making music for well over 10 years now and has been gaining a reputation in the world of the EDM scene for his amazing catchy tunes which take inspiration from a number of styles, electro, dubstep, hip-hop, J-Rock, J-Pop just to name a few.  One of his first major highlights that got TeddyLoid noticed was working with Taku Takahashi (M-flo) in 2010 on Panty and Stocking.


Released in 2010, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt has been rated highly by many anime fans, it’s insane mix of sexually charged plot, foul mouthed characters, hilarious antics and unique animation style has made it a very popular hit.  Let’s also not forget the amazing soundtrack, TeddyLoid did a vast amount of tracks on both the original soundtrack and also “The Worst Album” (B-Side’s, remixed and additional tracks), his main hits as featured below include D City Rock, Fly Away and Theme Song for Scanty and Kneesocks.  Some of his lesser known stuff includes Cherryboy Riot, Corset Theme, Daten City, Ghost Town and Milky Way.  TeddyLoid’s contribution to Panty and Stocking helped make the series one absolutely hell of a ride!  Haven’t seen Panty and Stocking yet?  Watch it for free on AnimeLab!


TeddyLoid has been at the forefront for a lot of work with Vocaloid.  Alongside galaxias! and DECO*27, TeddyLoid was involved in creating the Vocaloid galaco.  TeddyLoid has done work with the most famous Vocaloid of them all Hatsune Miku on the Decorator EP, however most of his famous work has been done with Vocaloid IA, who is becoming one of most beloved Vocaloids of the third generation, being the first one to rack up a million views on Japanese video site Nico, Nico Douga.  He has done work on the IA/02 album, the IA x Super GT Circuit Beats 20th anniversary addition and his most famous Vocaloid track, Shooting Star which was released as a track to help promote IA’s first North American concert at Anime Expo 2015.


TeddyLoid recently collaborated with Momoiro Clover Z to create a remix CD a few months ago, which allowed him to open for Momoiro Clover Z @ Momo Kami Festival 2015.  For those unfamiliar with Momoiro Clover Z, Nikkei entertainment has ranked them as the most popular female idol group from 2013-2015, they’ve collaborated with the likes of Kiss and Lady Gaga and have done the opening themes for Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and more!

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TeddyLoid’s work extends across a number of animes, recently with a number of tracks on Mekaku City Actors.  He’s also been involved with Sailor Moon Crystal and Angel Beats with official music releases not featured in the anime.  He’s also worked with Square Enix on the game Mugen Knights (Japan only release), he has been very high in demand in the anime and gaming world, especially with many people also refering to his Tetris remix as one of the best ever.  Not only that but he’s been well loved for his EDM work outside the world of anime and gaming.


For his DJing, TeddyLoid is in high demand, playing gigs big and small around Japan and America, we were very fortunate enough here at Neko Nation to be able to convince him to do his first proper international tour over an entire (long) weekend.  He’s played at smaller night club events in Akihabara such as Mogra and also bigger events which have featured Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Capsule, Momoiro Clover Z and more! Oh and as for a sneak preview of what to expect, here’s his performance at Anime Matsuri in America, although I’m sure you can party harder than that Australia!


Oh and he also did some work for the Japan Animator Expo, a track called “Me! Me! Me!”

ME! ME! ME! feat. daoko TeddyLoid | [geeky jump] from Navi En on Vimeo.