Arcade Party Spain – Barcelona, Saturday, July 29th 2017

Our partners Arcade Party are expanding to Spain, with their first event to take place on July 29th, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain!  Taking inspiration from Neko Nation, they have got amazing DJ’s playing J-Pop, J-Rock, J-Core, happy hardcore, anime, Vocaloid music and more!  There will be video gaming, cosplay, live performances and much much more!

Arcade Party Spain Details

Arcade Party Spain Facebook Page

Arcade Party Mexico – 2017 Kickstarter coming soon!

After an incredible event in 2016, Arcade Party are set to return to 2017 bigger and better than ever but they’ll need your help.  Very soon, Arcade Party will be launching a kickstarter to help raises fund to make the next one an absolutely magical, amazing show!  Keep an eye out for more details soon!  <3

Arcade Party Facebook Page