Brisbane – Performers – July 2016


Neko Nation Brisbane is going through some absolutely mega changes with our brand new venue which will be featuring the Neko Prefecture!  This area is going to be home to not only some sensation interstate and well travelled local DJ’s but some absolutely amazing performances.  We have not 1, not 2 but 6 different performances and you could argue way more if you include the multiple fire and poi performances on the night!

We are revolutionising the Brisbane show by putting a major focus on talented dance performers and crews who can take advantage of our mega massive new stage, the biggest stage of all the Neko Nation events in Australia!  We will have some a focus on awesome cosplayers who will be putting on performances that match their cosplays amazingly well, ever wanted to see Love Live dance or DJ Sona spin some tunes, this Neko Brisbane is for you!

We will have some interesting and unique performances, we will be bringing back our beloved burlesque act based on a very popular video game and we’ve also got a talented J-Rock singer joining our lineup.  Joining us in the ranks will also be fire-type dancers, with an incredible fire spinning and eating performances, to go alongside out DJs.

This is Neko Nation Brisbane but not as you know it!




One of Brisbane’s most talented cosplayers, Zaphy has recently caught a lot of attention this year with her impressive DJ Sona outfit which has qualified her for the 2016 OPL Cosplay grand finals.  Her DJ Sona will be performing at Neko Nation Brisbane with an amazing lighting display that needs to be seen to be believed!

Aisaka Dream


Aisaka Dream can be a beautiful, dark, mysterious and cute burlesque performer who uses her dance to create a unique performance with a variety of themes including Japanese and cosplay themes and elements.  This time she will be bringing her stunning Nurse Joy routine to Neko.



Zichxyna has been a passionate musician ever since she learned the piano at a young age.  She would grow up discovering her love and passion of Visual Kei which lead her to become the talent vocalist Zichxyna.  A raw, dark yet beautiful voice, one of Australia’s most talented Visual Kei performers take to the stage for an amazing performers at Neko Brisbane.

Dance Crews

Paradise Crew


Paradise Crew are one of Brisbane’s leading J-Pop and K-Pop dance groups, known for their amazing choreography, outfits and dance moves, fresh of their performance at the Australian finals of the K-Pop World Festival, we are excited to have Paradise Crew come back to Neko!



To celebrate the recent release of Love Live Sunshine, we will be featuring the incredibly talented A-Muse!  This Love Live choreography group recently took out best in show at Gold Coast Supanova with an absolutely incredible performance and are now coming to Neko.  μ’s Music Start!

Fire Performances

Jadeabella, Ken + Luna // 8:10-8:30

Brendan + Lobo // 11:15-11:25

A combination of some of Sydney and Brisbane’s incredibly talented fire performers, whether it’s through poi, staves or eating fire, these performances are sure to heat things up incredibly.  To begin the night, Jadeabella, Ken and Luna will be on Little Raven’s J-Trance set from 8:10 as amazing fire benders!  Before the Neko Prefecture wraps up, the amazing Brendan and Lobo will be doing a breath taking fire eating performance.

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Latest Updates

Neko Nation Brisbane Moves to The Brightside

After the fastest selling Neko Nation Brisbane event, it’s quite clear that we need a much bigger place for Neko Nation Brisbane and we’re moving to the Brightside for our next show!  This amazing new venue has 3 unique areas, an awesome new outdoor festival arena giving you cool air to dance in while still being sheltered, a mega new stage allows for awesome new performances on this section.  We’ve got a new intense rave arena for those who like to stomp hard until the early hours of the morning, while there’s an awesome chill out area where you can get lots of awesome photos, drink and socialise.

Event Details

Neko Nation Brisbane
Caturday, July 30th 2016


The Brightside
29 Warner Street
Fortitude Valley


Earlybirds: $17+bf
Presales: $23+bf
Door: $30

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