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Closure Final FAQs

We’ve had an amazing tour on our End is Meow tour and we’d like to thank everyone who was involved either as staff or as an attendee, thank you greatly for making this such an incredible final tour!

With our final show taking place, that’s it for Neko, we’re calling it a day, however before we go we’ll be answering a few questions that we’re getting about Neko Nation wrapping it all up. 

Why is Neko Nation closing down?

The deciding factor was the health of the owners and event organisers.  There is a lot of time and effort to make these events happen while juggling full time jobs, relationships and functioning as both humans and to an extent cats.  For a long time many sacrifices have been made to make the show happen and along the way we’ve had so many amazing experiences, met amazing people and seeing people happy and having so much fun is absolutely magical.

Neko Nation has always been the number one priority in my life, which has been to the detriment to the health of myself and the event organisers.  Neko Nation is something that I feel strongly that if I’m not able to fully commit everything to making the show the best it can be then I have no interest to do it.  As such the decision was made to close up at the end of the recent tour.



Are there any plans to sell Neko Nation or have someone take over?

We looked into our options of selling Neko Nation and also looking at having someone take over.  There was a very small number of people that we felt had the qualifications, experience and skills who would be able to take over Neko Nation and unfortunately we didn’t have any interest from a suitable qualified individuals, companies or organisations.

Now that Neko Nation is over, what’s the closest thing to Neko Nation?

There is no event that is currently emulating what Neko Nation is doing.  There are a number of events happening that attendees may be interested in depending on the aspects of Neko Nation that you may have liked the most, these include the following.

Anisong, concerts, idols: For the anime and Japanese music side of things, a number of events happening around Australia include the after party events SMASH! do in Sydney, this year Anisong.  Madfest generally have done events.  Japanese acts do tour Australia, acts such as Ladybeard, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and BABYMETAL have all toured.  There are also idol events which are starting to gain in popularity such as Pulsar (Brisbane) and Uncle Tetsu (Sydney).

Gaming events: There are a number of gaming events and bars around Australia, this includes video gaming nights such as Respawn (Perth), video game bars such as Spawn Point (Sydney) and eSports Bars such as GG in Melbourne.

Dance parties: For those who like harder music, Sydney has good options such as Rocket Science, Neo Tokyo and Yokai Beatz.


So if nobody else will do an event, can I do it?!  How do I run an event like Neko Nation?

We’d love to see a spiritual successor event to Neko Nation in the near future!

If you want to run your own event, best advice is to gain as much experience as possible working in events.  Read and learn as much as possible with events, not just Neko Nation but all sorts of events.  Putting on events is very hard work, there’s a lot of risk, effort, skills and planning required but if you’re super motivated and passionate enough it can definitely be done!


What will happen to the online presence of Neko Nation?

We have plans to keep our online presence and communities active, even if we are not currently doing events.  We have no intentions of disappearing from the scene and still being active online, even if we are not currently putting on events.

There may be plans in the future for Neko Nation to get involved in other projects and other events but this is still yet to be decided.

Where can I find a physical poster of past events?

We don’t have any available to sell, however you’re more than welcome to download the image file and print yourself at a local print store such as Officeworks.  Posters download:

Will the current owners still be involved in the scene?

Definitely!  Even though the main team behind Neko won’t run their own events they will still be involved in a number of events in smaller roles such as a DJ or promotions.

Will Neko Nation ever come back, is this really it?

Unfortunately this is it for Neko Nation as we know it.  While Neko might be over, we feel that we could one day see another event take over as it’s spiritual successor in one way or another.