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D*Jadeabella Interview pt. 1: Gaming & Cosplay Chat

Since starting off as one of Neko Nation Sydney’s first DJs, she has since gone on to become the most famous and beloved of that original DJ Line-Up.  Since then, D*Jadeabella has made a name for herself not just behind the decks but also for her amazing cosplays inspired by her love of animes and video games.  We sit down and have a massive chat to D*Jadeabella, where we learn lots about her to the point where we’ve had to split the interview into two parts.  The first part will be focusing on her love of cosplay and video gaming.  The next part will be focusing on her DJ career which will be coming out soon. 


How did you first get into cosplaying?

I first got into cosplaying way back when I lived in Adelaide and went to my first ever AVCon (which was still a small event on two floors in Adelaide Uni!) and saw other people dressed up. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and decided the next year I wanted to try dressing up too! I didn’t know how to sew to save my life and buying costumes way back then was EXTREMELY limited, but I managed to find a Naruto costume and went as that.

I was pretty hooked from there, I knew I had to learn how to sew if I wanted to keep doing it so I started by modding clothes and kept trying to learn new things from there – Now here we are 11 years later, slightly better than when I started haha but still enjoying just as much!

Since then you’ve created many absolutely amazing and stunning cosplays, which ones have been your favourite?

Oh man.. recently I’ve had a couple that I’ve been really happy with. Juri Han from Street Fighter is always a fun one to wear because I get to throw kicks all day.

Bayonetta Star Mercenary was also really fun! I  wasn’t sure how many people would get that because it was a little more obscure but I was very surprised!

Purah from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the more satisfying costumes I’ve completed mainly because of that damn wig!

But my all time favorite cosplay I’ve done to date has to be my Inkling. It’s so comfortable to wear and it’s always a crowd favorite, especially when I get to double up with my partner in crime Kenaz Concepts. We’ve done the inklings together a few times now and they’re always really popular, I think the paint roller kinda catches a bit of attention.

What are your favourite video games ever?

Pokemon and Legend of Zelda are my all time favorite game series, they are the things I keep upgrading my Nintendo for.

I’ve been obsessed with Pokemon ever since I got my own gameboy pocket and Pokemon Red for Christmas back in 1998. My gameboy went absolutely every where with me and even to this day I take it (well my DS now) and Pokemon with me everywhere. It was a big part of my childhood and something that’s brought some pretty great people into my life – all from our mutual love of Pokemon.

Ocarina of Time was the game that started my Legend of Zelda journey, I was a Sega kid console wise until the N64 and that game absolutely blew my mind. From there I was pretty hooked on the series. The game was really big for its time, the story was fun and the soundtrack was great. My ringtone has been the Lost Woods since I was 16 and learned how to type in my own ringtones.. you know, back before mp3s on phones. What a time.


 Best video game soundtrack(s)?

Dang. This is a hard question. There are just SO many..

Sonic the Hedgehog easily has some of the most iconic tracks and if you’ve listened to any of my sets before you know I always try to sneak at least ONE Sonic track in. They are very nostalgic for me and probably one of my early influences into the video game music world.

Undertale has an amazing soundtrack and so many good remixes that came from it.  Megaman, Legend of Zelda series also have some great soundtracks – It’s honestly so hard to choose one game, I have so many that I just adore because they all spark different emotions for so many reasons.

 You’re one of the only DJs who have played at every city for Neko Nation, are the shows and the audience similar across Australia or do they differ quite signficantly?

I think each city has its own quirks.
Sydney is easily the biggest shows we do and the home crowd is always great to play too, I know what they like.

Brisbane I think has the biggest energy (sorry Sydney..) but that’s because they don’t have as many events as we do, we’re quite spoiled for cool shows here in Sydney so Brisbane go super hard because they don’t have the Neo Tokyos and Rocket Sciences to fill in the gaps.  Perth had the most cosplayers I think I’ve seen at a show, and never have I been asked to play MORE Pendulum after already playing like 5 Pendulum tracks.  XD


Which DJ or performance you’re most excited about checking out at Neko Nation Sydney?

Obviously Teddyloid and Andy are the favorites for this show, they have so much energy and are SO much fun to watch…. But I gotta say (and I’m probably a little a bit bias here) but I’m hype for Kenaz.  His sets are always so much fun to dance along too, I’ll hear little bits and pieces when we sit down and both work on ours sets together but it’s always the best on the night hearing the whole thing played through for the first time and getting excited at the tracks he’s chosen.

What do you like to get up to in your downtime?

Bold of you to assume I get downtime HAHA – Seriously though.. when I’m not working on my next cosplay or DJ set I like to chill out, game and just spend the entire day on the couch in my PJs, with my cats being absolute trash.

If I’m feeling energetic I’ll hit up the rock climbing gym and get some climbing in, but honestly my fav thing to do is spend time with my partners and chill out watching Game Grumps.


What is being planned for D*Jadeabella in the near future?

Aw jeez… I think once Neko is done, my next project is to start learning to to produce some music of my own. I feel I’ve gotten as far as I can as a DJ alone so I guess my next move is to start making music. There are so many remixes of things that I want that just don’t exist and I’ve met so many amazing people I would love to collab with too.

I’m excited and terrified to start this next part of the journey – I know stuff is going to probably sound awful for like the first year haha…

I also want to play more shows overseas and it’s probably easier for me to get booked if I have some of my own tunes out as well.

Catch D*Jadeabella at the Neko Nation Sydney Finale on May 18th 2019 @ Manning Bar, more details below.

Part 2 of our interview with D*Jadeabella coming soon! 


Caturday, May 18th 2019
Manning Bar
Manning House, Manning Rd
Camperdown, NSW

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Door: $60

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