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AVCon After Dark Presents: Neko Nation

Neko Nation is Australia’s largest anime and cosplay party, an amazing anime wonderland brought to life in some of the best nightclubs across Australia.

The event features amazing DJ’s playing tunes and remixes from animes, video games, J-Pop, K-Pop and also features their famous free sushi served by catgirls. The 2018 edition of Neko Nation Adelaide will be exclusive to AVCon featuring interstate headliners Dakumeow (NSW) & Catalystic, they will be joined alongside ⑨Ball, 5K1P, LadyBeava & SH¥.

When: Saturday 21st of July, 7pm
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre, e-Sports Hall.
Tickets: Tickets available at the door.
Free for AVCon Weekend Pass Holders.
Day Pass Holders $10.
Non AVCon Attendees $20.

Please note this is an 18+ Event.

Dakumeow (NSW)


Dakumeow is one of our most popular DJs at the Neko Nation events which had lead her to tour all around Australia with her spectacular K-Pop sets.  Bringing unique outfits, dance moves inspired by her favourite K-Pop stars, she has recently wowwed audiences at many convention after party events including, SMASH and Madman Anime Festival and is excited to be making her debut at AVCon!


Future Funk

皆さん、こんにちは, 9Ball here, DJ and Neko Nation veteran, excited to play you another set of out-there tunes. I’ve DJed at a variety of shows, in a variety of venues with a variety of venues. Last time I performed for Avcon, (2016) I brought you the 東方 House Sets, and this year I am proud to bring you some Future Funk, featuring artists like Yung Bae, ミカズキBIGWAVE, and Night Tempo. I look forward to seeing some familiar and some new faces~! (≧◡≦)


Gaming + Chiptunes

From video game music, to chiptunes, to nerdy dance remixes and mashups, SK1P has your dancefloor needs covered. He’s DJed at every geeky Adelaide music event over the last six years – Neko Nation, AVCon, JoyPad, Sidequest and more – and can’t wait to mix it up for your listening and dancing pleasure. For this final Neko Nation, SK1P has planned a “best of” journey covering the cream of gaming and chiptune bangers…with some unexpected surprises, of course.

Catalystic (NSW)

Anime + J-Pop

Catalystic is responsible for the creation of Neko Nation and is a mega influence in the world of anime, gaming and Japanese music having played all over Australia and worked with the likes of Livetune, TeddyLoid, S3RL, The Living Tombstone and more.  Catalystic is known for his ability to mix a wide variety of genres with a large anime and Japanese cultural influences that get the crowd moving.  For AVCon he is excited to be bringing a mega anime and J-Pop set early on to get the crowd going!


Gaming + Electro

LadyBeava here, I may be a newb compared to these veterans. I have played at a variety of event Joypad, Neko nation, Sidequest and AVCon events: ball & launch parties. But this will be my 1st time at AVCon. I’m excited to show you some of my old favs and a taste of what I am enjoying currently from Gaming Remixes to Parodies to Electro Swing, there will definatly be something for everybody to get out there and dance and can’t wait to see you all there ❤


Anime + Bass

Sh¥ is another well travelled Neko Nation DJ, having played at the Adelaide, Perth and Sydney shows with a wide variety of genres ranging from, anime, Disney, gaming, trap, dub, hardstyle, hardcore and more.  Sh¥ is well known for his unique fashion style, heavy bass sets and an amazing bundle of energy that sends shockwaves and basslines throughout the dancefloor.  After a long break away from Neko Nation he returns to the decks for one amazing DJ set not to be missed!

Free Sushi served by Catgirls!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls will be returning to Neko Nightly! Get in early as we will be doing a special happy hour of free sushi from the start of the night which will include sushi and other delicious snacks from our catgirls, so you can get a free delicious feed after a long, hard day at SMASH!

Countdown to Neko Nation AVCon