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Finally the mega Australian dance party event Neko Nation comes to Canberra!  Neko Nation is a unique nightclub experience for those who love anime, cosplay and Japanese culture to dance and party the night away in a safe environment. Ever wanted to hear your songs from anime and video games? Want to go to a club in cosplay and be surrounded by other cosplayers? Want to be able to party and interact with other awesome anime fans? Then Neko Nation is the place to be!

Neko Nation at GAMMA @Night will exist along side our adults only GAMMA @Night event and will be open to those of all ages and be strictly alcohol free.

Tickets to GAMMA @Night will include entry to Neko Nation but tickets exclusively to Neko Nation can also be purchased.
Event will include Neko Nations famous Cat Girls and free sushi!


Pop Culture

One of Neko Nation’s most popular anime, gaming and pop culture DJs.  Jadeabella is bound to get the crowd going with her fast paced, high energy, super fun sets absolutely filled to the brim with all your favourite anime, video game and pop culture references.  Jadeabella has made a name for herself with stunning cosplays, amazing DJ sets all across Sydney, Australia and even America!  As part of her Winter tour, she will be excited to be making her way for her debut in Canberra!

5K1P (SA)

Gaming + Chiptunes

From video game music, to chiptunes, to nerdy dance remixes and mashups, SK1P has your dancefloor needs covered. He’s DJed at every geeky Adelaide music event over the last six years – Neko Nation, AVCon, JoyPad, Sidequest and more – and can’t wait to mix it up for your listening and dancing pleasure.  5K1P will be representing Adelaide and Retrospekt with a variety of gaming classics, chiptunes and high paced gaming remixes to Canberra!

Dakumeow (NSW)


Dakumeow is one of our most popular DJs at the Neko Nation events which had lead her to tour all around Australia with her spectacular K-Pop sets.  Bringing unique outfits, dance moves inspired by her favourite K-Pop stars, she has recently wowed audiences at many convention after party events including, SMASH, Madman Anime Festival, AVCon and is excited to be making her debut at Gamma.Con

Catalystic (NSW)

Anime + J-Pop

Catalystic is responsible for the creation of Neko Nation and is a mega influence in the world of anime, gaming and Japanese music having played all over Australia and worked with the likes of Livetune, TeddyLoid, S3RL, The Living Tombstone and more.  Catalystic is known for his ability to mix a wide variety of genres with a large anime and Japanese cultural influences that get the crowd moving.  For Gamma.Con he is excited to be bringing a mega anime and J-Pop set early on to get the crowd going!

Little Raven (NSW)

Drum and Bass

Another DJ with a massive presence in the anime and Japanese culture events.  Little Raven is a talented cosplay photographer, amazing event promoter behind the Neo Tokyo events and is also a pretty amazing DJ to boot.  Well known for his fast and frantic Japanese inspired breakbeat and Drum n Bass sets, he’ll be bringing one amazing set representing Neo Tokyo at Gamma.Con!


Chiptunes + Synthwave

Representing the local talent will be Kreuzberg, a super talented individual who has made a name for himself in the alternative club scenes in Canberra and Sydney.  His sets have been wild and varied from sweet 90’s pop to hard hitting goth industrial, however for Gamma.Con he’s going even further back to the retro sounds of chiptunes and synthwave to kick start Neko Nation @ Gamma.Con

Free Sushi served by Catgirls!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls will be returning to Neko Nightly! Get in early as we will be doing a special happy hour of free sushi from the start of the night which will include sushi and other delicious snacks from our catgirls, so you can get a free delicious feed after a long, hard day at Gamma.Con!

Countdown to Neko Nation Gamma.Con