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Neko Nation is one of the biggest highlights of the cosplay calendar for any anime fan or cosplayer.  For those who are yet to attend Neko Nation it might be hard to understand why or what exactly the event is.  Why is it such a big deal for those in the cosplay scene and what is it that people like about the event that is very different from the convention circuit.  Well if you’re new to Neko or even a seasoned veteran we’ve got a bit of a rundown on what to expect from Neko Nation and how to prepare for Neko Nation, we’ve got a guide of what you can expect and how to best prepare for the final Neko Nation event!

What is Neko Nation?

Welcome to Neko Nation, an event inspired by the anime nightclubs of Akihabara taking place here in Australia!   Neko Nation is a unique nightclub experience for those who love anime, cosplay and Japanese culture to dance, drink and party the night away in a safe environment.

Neko Nation is a club event designed by anime fans and cosplayers for anime fans, cosplayers, gamers and geeks alike.  The event features DJs that specialise in anime, gaming and Japanese music and in the case of this event, including famous names such as legendary anime and EDM music producer TeddyLoid, SBS PopAsia host Andy Trieu and Australia’s leading video gaming DJ and stunning cosplayer Jadeabella

Neko Nation isn’t all about dancing the night away, with anime and gaming themed cocktails, beautiful decor, state of the art sound and lighting setup and attractions such as video gaming, photobooth, our famous catgirls and catboys serving free sushi, candy, cupcakes and more!

Preparing for Neko Nation


While you can definitely just rock up and have a blast, we recommend the following to make the most of your time at Neko Nation

 ID: You will need current (not expired) photo ID, there are a variety of photo ID that can be provided.  Please make sure you have this sorted out well before the event!

Drivers License: Any state, learners driver permits are accepted if they have a photograph

NSW Photo Card: Issued by NSW Roads

Proof of Age Card: From interstate (non-NSW) 

Passport: Any nationality

Keypass card: Australia post issued card

Birth certificates, student IDs and mecha licenses do not count.  (mecha licenses are for teenagers anyways)


If possible, get your ticket beforehand, this guarantees entry into the event.  This show has had very fast ticket sales and we’re looking at a possible sellout!  Door tickets might be available but if so they might be limited, so it’s recommended to buy in advance, plus it’s cheaper too!  Please see the link/image below for tickets.

Getting There


For stops on Parramatta Rd (closest to the Quadrangle) catch buses on routes 412, 413, 435, 436, 437, 438, 440, 461, 480 from George St or Railway Square.

For stops on City Rd (closest to Darlington campus) catch buses on routes 422, 423, 426, 428 from Castlereagh St or Railway Square.


Get off at Redfern Station and walk for about ten minutes to Manning Bar. You can also get off at Central Station and take a bus.


From Broadway heading west along Parramatta Rd, take the first left after the big intersection and parkland on the left up University Rd. Veer left around the main Quadrangle, which is on your right, and the Library on the left. Go straight then turn right onto Manning Rd, and follow down to Manning on the left.


Several parking stations on campus are within walking distance of Manning Bar. Parking costs $6 after 3pm. Please don’t drink and drive.


What to Wear? 

Neko Nation is a nightclub that highly encourages cosplay and you’re more than welcome cosplay your favourite character at our event!  We do have a few key points worth noting

Cosplay is encouraged

We are one of the only club events in Australia where people feel safe cosplaying, so cosplay is highly encouraged!  We also more than encourage alternative, rave or Japanese fashion outfits.  If you do not wish to cosplay, there is no pressure to do so and you’re welcome to rock up in whatever outfit you feel like.

Props & weapons policy

We highly discourage the use of cosplay props, especially weapons, unless absolutely necessary to an outfit.  Props and weapons are more dangerous at our event compared to a convention due to the darker environment, with people dancing and drinking.

If you must bring a prop please make sure it is able to meet the following three criteria:

– It is made of weaker and safer materials like foam or plastic (not wood or metal)

– It does not look dangerous or threatening in real life, wands and shields are fine (guns and realistic swords are not)

– It can be put away safely and only taken out for photos and not for swinging on the dancefloor

Reduce Layers

Manning Bar does have air conditioning and while the event will be taking place in May keep in mind that much like conventions the temperature does increase when more people enter the venue.  We recommend avoiding heavier cosplays or items such as trenchcoats, armour, etc.  If bringing larger jackets or coats to our event, you are more than welcome to use the venue’s cloak room.

Sexy Cosplays: While many cons we have family friendly policies towards cosplay that ban “sexy cosplays”, Neko Nation is an 18+ event and we do not have any restrictions on more revealing outfits.  There is a strong Cosplay is not Consent policy with our event for those worried about wanting to be safe with this option.  (Please see a staff member with a lanyard or security guard)


Cosplay is Not Consent

Neko Nation is designed to be a safe and fun environment for all.  All attendees have a right to enjoy their night, free of any harassment from others.  We have a strict anti-harassment policy in place and are firm believers in Cosplay is not Consent.  If someone makes you feel upset or unsafe, then please report to security or a staff member immediately. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and a right to a good night, even Hanzo and Genji mains.

 Cloak Room

If you have brought any big bags or large coats or jackets, you’re more than welcome to use the venues cloak room facility, this will be $5/item.


The venue will have a great multitude of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic available.  We encourage everyone to enjoy their drinking and avoid being severely intoxicated, limit your drinks, look after your friends, space out your drinks and enjoy some non-alcoholic drinks too.  If you are driving, please do not drink and drive.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the night, especially if drinking and/or dancing a lot. We will have free water available, so please make the most of this to stay safe and hydrated.

Learn More

Click a section to learn more! 


The event will also be featuring amazing anime, gaming, Japanese music and K-Pop DJs that Sydney and also Japan has to offer.  Featuring anime superstar producer TeddyLoid famous for his work with Me! Me! Me!, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, DAOKO and more.  SBS PopAsia host and K-Pop personality Andy Trieu and Australia’s leading gaming D*Jadeabella, plus many more amazing local DJs! 


Keep an eye out for Neko Nation’s super stunning sexy and kawaii cute stars with bright bubbly personalities who will be serving all our guests free sushi and candy!  You’ll also be able to find our catgirls and catboys dancing away on stage with high energy and intensity with stunning moves and spectacular talented performances.  Neko Nation’s catgirls and catboys are here to make sure you have a good time at the Neko Nation finale!


Featuring amazing dance performances based on Love Live, League of Legends, K-Pop tracks and more!  Featuring Mews, Playgirls and a K/DA cover group.  There will be LED, burlesque, hoop, drag and special effects performers who will be bringing spectacular performances all across the night!


Take time out away from the dance floor on three levels with multiple activities at the event.  Get photos of your amazing cosplay and outfits at the Little Raven Photography photobooth, the massive new expanded video gaming area featuring the latest in multiplayer console video games.  There’s multiple bars, free anime balloon sculptures and numerous floors to explore!


Caturday, May 18th 2019
Manning Bar
Manning House, Manning Rd
Camperdown, NSW

More details here


Earlybird tickets: $19+bf
Second Release: $29+bf
Third Release: $39+bf
Final Release: $49+bf
Door: $60

Tickets available here (Manning Bar)

Manning Bar

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