Interstate Special Guest DJ’s – Winter 2016

After our massive TeddyLoid tour, Neko Nation is happy to be back starting this July with 4 mega shows all across Australia!  We’re making sure some of our best DJ’s are going to be making their way over to interstate shows so that anime, gaming and Japanese music fans can hear music from the best DJ’s not only locally but also all across Australia.  Here’s the current list of Neko DJ’s making their way over!

East Coast Touring (Qld, NSW, Vic)

Meji, Jadeabella and Kenaz will be making their way to the East Coast tour, these three DJ’s are some of Neko Nation’s famous and popular DJ’s that are sure to get crowds moving in July!

Meji (Qld)

Genres: Gaming and J-Rock
Cities: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Jadeabella (NSW)

Genres: Pop Culture, Anime and Gaming
Cities: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Kenaz (NSW)

Genres: Pop Culture, Anime and Gaming
Cities: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Home and Abroad

These acts are well seasoned veterans making an appearance in their home city and also at other shows all across Australia

Silhouette D’Amour (Vic)

Genres: Anime, Gaming, J-Pop and K-Pop
Cities: Sydney and Melbourne

Essi (NSW)

Genres: J-Core
Cities: Sydney and Brisbane

Sei (QLD)

Genres: J-Core
Cities: Sydney and Brisbane

Miss Meow (WA)

Genres: J-Pop and K-Pop
Cities: Brisbane, Adelaide and Purrth

Catalystic (WA)

Genres: Anime, Gaming, J-Pop, K-Pop, Love Live and J-Core
Cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Purrth

Luna (NSW)

Styles: Poi, Dragon and Fire staffs (Dancing/Performer)
Cities: Brisbane and Sydney

The Travellers

While not playing in their home state, they’re making the trek to play in other cities to help share their music to Neko fans across Australia

The Raven (Vic)

Genres: J-Core
Cities: Purrth

Little Raven (NSW)

Genres: J-Trance
Cities: Brisbane

Altercate (ACT)

Genres: Bubblegum Pop
Cities: Sydney


Oh and Melbourne, prepare to be invaded some of Sydney’s finest catgirls, including Miss Krash, Luna, Zucat Cosplay, Rachillustration, Jadeabella and Onyx Psybug!

Upcoming details on events

Friday, July 1st 2016 @ Wah Wah Lounge
More details // SOLD OUT!

Caturday, July 2nd @ Gilkisons Dance Studio
More details // Tickets

Caturday, July 16th @ Manning Bar
More details // Tickets

Caturday, July 30th @ The Brightside
More details // Tickets

Caturday, July 17th @ Crown and Sceptre
More details // Tickets