Miss Krash – Head Catgirl Interview

She was formerly known as Kitty Krashbut then evolved into the incredible kitten you see before you now!  Her name was chosen due to her accident-prone self (but what cat isn’t!) and she is not only a 24/7 Catgirl but she is also now a model and kitty for The Chateau!  One of the most exclusive American Catgirl agencies!  So let’s get to know a bit more about her!

Firstly, Thanks so much for chatting with us today!  We understand you are quite busy and appreciate your time!  Let’s get straight into it.

We hear you are a Chateau model, one of the most exclusive Catgirl enterprises! Congrats! What was it like to be accepted and being a model for them?

Thankyou!  I didn’t get accepted the normal application way.  I actually entered via an Instagram competition and I got my acceptance through Facebook.  I was really nervous because I wanted to be part of The Chateau for a while because they’re such an amazing company.  They’re not just modelling, they also do an online magazine monthly and they reflect the 24/7 Catgirl lifestyle.  When I got accepted I literally meowed in joy and even did the butt wiggle that cats do!  It feels like home to me and they’re so accepting so it really motivated me after taking a break from doing 1-2 shoots per week. There were actually a lot of people in the world thinking I was going to be living at The Chateau! 

What is it like to be internationally recognised?

It took a lot of work to get there.  I pushed myself to do 1-2 shoots per week to have content and really worked at it. I  now have regular followers and it’s really touching because when you’re having a bad day in real life.  There’s people all over the world to support you. I’ve even been recognised at steampunk events and even on the street!  It’s cute when I am in shopping centres and little girls have their cat ears on and see me with mine their mums point me out like “there’s that Hello Kitty girl” or the little girls get instant anime eyes!  Its adorable!

You have some super stunning outfits and makeup, what inspires you & how do you get ideas?

I use a lot of inspiration from artists like Kimberley Margarita on Instagram for example.  I see a look I love and try to recreate it but add my own twist to it, I never cosplay exactly because I like to have my own spin on things and that’s how I developed into the person I am now.  I’ve made my own following by having unique ideas even if they’re inspired by someone.

Tell us a day in the life of a catgirl! (you!)

It really depends on the day.  Some days when I am not working I wake up and get inspired so I just go put on makeup and create a look.  This can sometimes mean lots of layers including corsets and wigs which can get really hot.  It calms down in summer because it’s just too hot here in Australia sometimes!  My Sailor Moon selfie stick was such a game changer and changed my life!

We’ve been watching nekopara here lately at HQ! Tell us, can you resist the fatty tuna and cat toys?

I actually don’t like tuna so I can resist that.  I can’t resist the little chicken biscuits shaped like fish though and I love boxes and climbing in boxes (laughs)!  I can’t resist shiny things because I’ll just bat at it. I remember when I got my first belly dancing belt with all the bells and I ran around the house in it.  I *might* still do it (giggles)

What can people expect to see at Neko Nation? Any hints?

No plans so far but I would like something shiny!

How has it been going from Neko Catgirl to now lots of people look up to you?

I have been going to Neko nation since their second show (couldn’t go to the first one because I was band manager at the time!) and it feels like yesterday where I was only 19 and starting out!  I just want them to know there is a safe space for everyone and I am just like them.  Neko Nation has a family kind of feeling to it and I strive to have that sense of community and have a home for everyone.

What are your future aspirations/plans for your inner kitty?

I would love to travel to the US and hang with my Chateau family, do some shoots and get to know them.  I would love to shoot on different locations I haven’t before and travel to more conventions!  I recently did a workshop on pet play and it was really good so I would like to explore that more.

And lastly, the all important question: what’s your fave anime and/or game?

(laughs) Oh wow.  So this anime is unfinished at the moment but I really like No Game No Life because it’s so bright and colourful with cute anime girls and just fun gaming stuff, it’s my all time favourite!  I also enjoy Blend S because it has lots of different aspects like a maid café!  With games I am currently playing Dangonronpa, Witcher 3 and Pokemon Go! I recently got my first legendary in Pokemon Go! and was so happy!

Thanks to Krash for speaking with us! You can see her running around being awesome at our next show March 17, 2018 at Max Watts!


Caturday, March 17th, 2018
Max Watts Sydney
Entertainment Qtr, Building 220,
122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW

More information on our Neko Nation Sydney page