Neko Nation on break till 2018

Neko Nation will be on break for approximately 2018, with the next show to take place around Autumn 2018.

Management have chosen to take a hiatus of approximately 12 months off.  This will be starting from now due to personal reasons.  This was not an easy decision for us to make, since we absolutely love Neko Nation and it means a lot to us, especially putting on absolutely amazing shows for all our fans across Australia and even internationally.  Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and unfortunately we have to announce time off.

A massive thanks to all our fans, this is far from the end and we are excited to come back to Neko even bigger and better than ever in 2018!

Can you elaborate more on personal reasons?

While there are numerous reasons to sum it up it’s mostly due to health concerns.  There is a tremendous amount of effort and stress that goes into every show and has taken the toll on management.  Plus this is something done on the side, we have day jobs during the week and work on Neko at nights and weekends, our lives are pretty full on!  We’re mostly making the most of this time to recover and take some well needed time off.

Is everything ok with Neko, in particular, the last show?

Neko Nation has just come off the back of it’s strongest year in 2016, we brought over TeddyLoid, got close to a million views on Youtube, expanded to 3 continents (and very soon 4!), set record attendances and signed a deal to work with the Madman Anime Festival.  The success of Neko, pushed us to work even harder and if we could, we would have loved to do events in 2017.  The Madman event in Perth was planned as the last show we were going to, regardless of how it went, that said, it was an amazing show!

Is it possible for someone to take over Neko Nation and put on events while management is on break?

This is something we looked into but is unfortunately not possible.

Will Neko Nation still be active if you’re not putting on events, such as answering e-mails, social media?

Yep!  We still plan for all the Neko Nation social media to be active and we’re open to people contacting us with their feedback or wish to be involved in Neko Nation from 2018 onwards.  International events will still be taking place, including Arcade Party in Mexico.  We will however not be doing a Nekonomicon for 2018 at this stage.

Are there any events like Neko Nation that you can recommend checking out?

2017 is set to be a very big year for anime fans and cosplayers, even without Neko Nation.  The obvious recommendations include the big cons, Supanova and Oz Comic Con events.

We recommend the major Anime cons, AVCon (Adelaide), SMASH! (Sydney) and Madman Anime Festival (Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne).  We are looking to partner and work with SMASH again this year, who will have an awesome after party event as usual.

There are also a number of club events, most of these, lean towards gaming rather than anime but definitely check them out, these include Respawn (Perth), Joypad (Adelaide), Beta Bar (Melbourne), Spawn Point (Sydney), Netherworld (Brisbane).

In terms of Japanese music, we have been informed of at least 3 Japanese musical acts coming to Australia in Brisbane and Sydney, around August-October, these names are still being confirmed by other promoters and will report with the news once it’s official.

What is the plan for Neko in 2018?

We want to make Neko bigger and better than it’s ever been and also try to make Neko an even more amazing experience for experienced fans and new fans alike!  We are making a shift to a convention style schedule of doing only five shows a year, with only one show in each city.  This gives us the possibility to help expand the show even further, new venues, big internationals, fancy decor, amazing tech, introduce new aspects and make Neko an even more incredible experience than ever.  I know it’s a bit of a wait but don’t worry, we’ll make it worth it, as Neko in 2018 is going to be mindblowing!  <3