Neko Nightly – The Official SMASH After Party

A new event from the team behind Neko Nation, comes Neko Nightly, the official after party for SMASH! Heavily inspired by the Neko Nation event, featuring the best anime, video gaming, J-Pop and K-Pop DJs from Sydney and Melbourne.  We will have a section dedicated to video gaming plus of course, Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls!

Neko Nightly takes place at The Watershed, conviniently located at The Harbourside Shopping Centre right next door to the International Convention Centre where SMASH is taking place for 2018.  Because after a long day at a con, the last thing you want is a long trek!

Neko Nightly won’t be breaking the bank, with door tickets only costing $10 for SMASH pass holders!  To claim your discounted entry (normally $15) you will need to show your SMASH pass and you’ll get in for super cheap, allowing you to spend up big at the con!  Neko Nightly draws plenty of inspiration from our mega Neko Nation events allowing you to party hard in a more chilled environment near the beautiful Darling Harbour.

Top off your amazing weekend at SMASH with an amazing party at Neko Nightly!


Pop Culture

One of Neko Nation’s most popular anime, gaming and pop culture DJs.  Jadeabella is bound to get the crowd going with her fast paced, high energy, super fun sets absolutely filled to the brim with all your favourite anime, video game and pop culture references.  Jadeabella has made a name for herself with stunning cosplays, amazing DJ sets all across Sydney, Australia and even America!  We’re excited to have Jadeabella join us after her amazing USA show back home to Neko Nightly!


Video Gaming

From the world of the Scarlet Wastelands, Kenaz returns to Neko Nation to bring a super fun video gaming set.  Get ready to be taken on a journey as we kick it old school from the 8 bit worlds to the next generation of video games and everything amazing in between.  He’s the man behind many amazing cosplays and the incredible Scavengers of the Scarlet Wastelands series on Youtube and also an absolutely amazing DJ who will bring the energy, mana and hit points to Neko Nightly!


Vocaloid + J-Pop

The West Coast’s leading K-Pop and Vocaloid DJ is making their way down to Sydney!  Dakumeow has been one of the headlining and most popular DJs at the Neko Nation Purrth show and has seen her tour all around Australia with with her K-Pop sets.  Bringing unique outfits, dance moves inspired by her favourite Japanese idols and K-Pop stars, she has now touched down in Sydney and will have a special Vocaloid set for the night.

Gothique Prince Ken (VIC)

Future Funk

Gothique Prince Ken has made a name for himself through his work as the lead singer for GPKism, a J-Rock/Visual Kei act signed onto Darkest Labyrinth and made a name for themselves through many international tours.  These days he has a keen interest in producing electronic music and has DJed at a number of events in Melbourne including the Neko Nation event.  He’ll be kick starting off Neko Nightly with the future funk!

Japandaman (VIC)


One of Neko Nation Melbourne’s top DJ’s is making his interstate DJing debut at Neko Nightly Sydney.  Famous for his work on the Japandaman website specialising in anime, cosplay and pop culture news.  Always bringing a fun amount of energy and enthusiasm on the decks and for Neko Nightly he’ll be making a Big Bang with his Sydney debut with K-Pop!


Anime + J-Pop

The “Supreme Neko Overlord” returns to the decks.  Responsible for the creation of Neko Nation and a huge influence on the anime, cosplay and Japanese music scene.  Catalystic brings a wide variety of genres and styles to the table, he’ll be bringing a mix of two of his favourite loves with an Anime and J-Pop set.

Free Sushi served by Catgirls!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls will be returning to Neko Nightly! Get in early as we will be doing a special happy hour of free sushi from the start of the night which will include sushi and other delicious snacks from our catgirls, so you can get a free delicious feed after a long, hard day at SMASH!

Video Gaming

Our video game section will be back, it’ll be an opportunity for you to get your game on with your friends and other attendees from SMASH! at Neko Nightly.  Race, fight and score your way to victory against others!


Caturday, July 14th, 2018
The Watershed Hotel
198 Harbourside Shopping Centre (Next door to the Convention Centre!)

Entry Fee

SMASH Attendee: $10 (please show proof of entry)
Non SMASH Attendee: $15
Door tickets only!

Please keep checking back on our website and social media for more details!

Neko Nightly @ Watershed


Countdown to Neko Nightly