Neko Purrth Finale – The End is Meow!

It’s Neko Nation’s final farewell before we close the catflaps for good on Neko Nation Purrth.

Welcome to Neko Nation, a party inspired by the anime nightclubs of Akihabara.  Welcome to our world awesome K-Pop, Japanese, gaming, anime songs and remixes delivered by our awesome Neko Nation DJ’s. Taste and devour amazing sushi served up by our sexy and cute catgirls and candy served by our catboys!  Plus there’s lots of anime themed cocktails plus prizes, competitions and AMV’s on the big screens and this all takes place in the mega 2 story Gilkisons Dance Studio complex! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

On the upper floor we have the awesome Pyon Gaming arena with their video game arena. Get ready to rumble, race and get your game on with multiple TV’s and a variety of different consoles. This is an absolutely awesome way to chill out and game on against friends and other fellow Neko Nation goers!

Welcome to a party that feels like a magical anime wonderland being brought to life! For anime fans and those with an interest in Japanese culture this is an event not to be missed, considered by many to be one of the major highlights of the anime scene all around Australia.  We’re finishing up Neko on a high alongside S3RL’s final world tour and it’s a mega finale night not to be missed! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿


Featuring an amazing array of DJs, Neko Nation Purrth will feature a number of amazing DJs specialising in a variety of styles, whether it’s anime, video gaming, pop culture, Japanese music, K-Pop, electronica and more, we’ve got something to make you want to move.  On the right you can find our lineup and below you can find bios about some of the DJs on the night.  ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪



One of the world’s most legendary happy hardcore producers, his pop culture hardcore hits including the likes of Pika Girl, Princess Bubblegum, MTC, Neko Nation Anthem remix and more!  In 2005 S3RL was signed by Kevin Energy and Sharkey’s Nu Energy Collective in 2005, being one of the first in Australia to be signed to a major hardcore label.  S3RL was highly sought after by numerous record labels which would later lead to him creating one of the largest happy hardcore labels, EMFA Records.

S3RL’s popularity knows no bounds, with massive success worldwide, which has seen him travel all over the world, developing a large fan base across America, Europe, Japan and many other destinations across the world.  S3RL has come off the back of an absolutely incredible 2016, he was the official support DJ for TeddyLoid, did an absolutely mega tour in America and recently had a successful DJ tour in Japan and 2017 is only going to get bigger and better as after a number of successful American anime convention after parties, he will be playing at his first official Australian anime convention after party!

Jadeabella (NSW)

One of Neko Nation’s most popular anime, gaming and pop culture DJs.  Jadeabella is bound to get the crowd going with her fast paced, high energy, super fun sets absolutely filled to the brim with all your favourite anime, video game and pop culture references.  Jadeabella has made a name for her self as one of the most popular Neko Nation DJ’s in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.  In 2017 she made her American debut and now she will be making her debut in Purrth!

Miss Meow

Dakumeow (NSW)


Miss Meow has made a massive name for herself in the K-Pop scene in Perth and now playing alongside the likes of Popasia star Andy Trieu in Sydney.  A massive fan of all things J-Pop and K-Pop, avid lover of PopAsia, cosplay and alpacas.  DakuMeow is a mega talented star well known for her work in the convention, alternative and cosplay events scene and is looking forward to returning to playing at Neko Nation Purrth!


Catalystic (NSW)

Anime + J-Pop + J-Core

One of the biggest names in the Japanese music DJing scene having played a number of conventions across Australia including SMASH! (Sydney), AVCon (Adelaide), Furwag and has played support for TeddyLoid, Livetune, Yui Kanan, Hachioji P and more.  One of the most versatile DJs in the pop culture scene who is excited to kick start 2017 in his hometown of Perth!




2016 has been a big year for Synthwave and Neko Nation has celebrated that with a number of awesome Synthwave DJ’s who have joined Neko Nation last year and we’re looking to continue that in 2017.  In Perth we have Mek, a long time lover of Synthwave both musically and aesthetically with his love of 80’s sci-fi films both good and cheesily bad.  Once again prepare for an amazing retro futuristic trip with the sounds of Mek!




Some of you may know this man from his epic gaming setups not only conventions like Furwag & Neko. Now we are pleased to bring to you the Neko Nation Debut of DJ Fractals! With their first live event at furwag getting an encore request, he’s sure to get your ears twitching with some epic gaming tunes!



Bubblegum Pop

By far the most experienced DJ Neko Nation has to offer, Razz has been a resident DJ at numerous Gilkison Dance Studio events, clubs, boat parties and is quite well known in the Perth DJ party scene.  He brings to Neko one of the bizarrest sets Neko Nation has to offer and that is Bubblegum Pop, 90’s cheese, for some it’s the most amazing set and music you’ll hear, for some it’ll be the most cringiest set you can imagine, either way it’s always gotten quite a reaction and popular with those who love it!


Oki Doki


One of Perth’s most famous and experienced hardcore DJ’s.  Oki Doki has been playing at a number of club events and raves around Perth for the likes of F.O.R.C.E., Nightmare Crew, Electrified and more.  For this superstar Japanese DJ, Neko is her chance to play a wide variety of her favourite Japanese hardcore hits and fast paced anime remixes which are not to be missed!

Pyon Gaming

Video Gaming Section

In the upstairs room we will be having an entire room dedicated to video gaming.  Game on with friends and fellow Neko attendees to prove yourself in a wide variety of games or just to chill out and have fun!  Thanks to our friends at Pyon Gaming we’ve got a wide variety of video games and consoles so there’s something for everybody to enjoy!   o(^▽^)o

Poi, Hoop and Fire Performances

Things will start to heat up once thanks to our amazing poi, hoop and fire performers!



Sages hoop journey started as just a basic movement therapy after an accident, but soon progressed into an absolute love for circles. Add in flashing lights, multiple hoops and now fire, her passion for hoop dance just keeps growing!
“This is more than just a sacred circle, this is my lifestyle. I hoop because when my body spins, my mind doesn’t. And hey, good vibes come to those who play!”



Probably one of Perth’s most spectacular fire performers.  MissObscene, has made a massive name for herself in everything that she does, whether it’s through modelling, photography, freak show performances and of course fire performances for numerous events around Perth including Twisted Vaudeville Circus, Incursion and more.  Always stunning, sexy and spectacular, MissObscene will be bringing one hot performance to Neko!

Free Sushi!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and also catboys will once again be taking place at this event, as usual make sure you get in early to get plenty of sushi while it’s fresh and plentiful.  If you’re not a fan of sushi we’ve also got candy being served as well.  Our venue also has food options if you prefer other food later on in the night.  Below you can find some details on some of our catgirls and catboys for the night!

Neko Nation Purrth @ Gilkison Dance Studio

Countdown to Neko Nation Purrth