Nekobook 2014

Last year, Neko Nation raised $500 for cat shelters around Australia with our catgirl calendar, Nekobook 2014.  This year, we’re planning to do it all over again although say goodbye to Nekobook and say hello to Nekonomicon 2015!

This year we’re back and we’re looking for awesome models and photographers to get on board and help create awesome pictures for the calendars, with applications opening now!  If you are interested we would love to hear from you and check out the submission details below!  We are open to all sorts of ideas, we want interesting and unique outfits and locations, whether it’s in your absolute best cosplay, as an adorable lolita, whether you’re completely colourful or dressed in all black, make it interesting, we’re looking for a variety and originality rather than a particular style.  If you want a better idea then check out the photo above of the 2014 Nekobook calendar catgirls.

We’ve been asked this year as well if there are any plans to do a catboy calendar and the answer is yes, of course!  We had every intention to do one last year but unfortunately we didn’t have any catboys submit photos but we’re hoping this changes this year so if we can put enough decent pictures together we’d love to do one.  We’ve also had a request to do one with catgirls/catboys with their cats and yes, this is something we’d definitely be interested in and love to do, currently only one catboy has submitted photos so we hope this changes soon!

The calendar will be available for sale around November for around $20.

It is estimated that there are over 2.7 million owned cats and somewhere between 5 and 12 million un-owned cats in Australia. About 30% of all households own at least one cat and there are about half a million kittens born each year. Sadly approximately 70,000 cats are put down in Australia every year.

Nekonomicon will be raising funds for the following Cat Shelters:

Flicks Cat Rescue (Adelaide)

Little Paws Kitten Rescue (Brisbane)

Ingrid’s Heaven (Melbourne)

Cat Haven (Perth)

Cat Rescue (Sydney)

Each calendar purchased will see 100% of the profits get split evenly between the following 5 cat shelters located around Australia.

Nekonomicon also encourages people to go beyond buying the calendar and donating additional money to help support or sponsor cats and kittens living at the shelter, even if you don’t have much money, even donating a few hours of your time will be a huge help to all these charities. Even better, if at all possible please look into adopting a kitten from one of these shelters. You will be able to pick up a cat or kitten for a fraction of the price from a pet store and it will also have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and you will have that feel good feeling of having saved a kitten!

Submissions for the calendar must be:
– Hi res (2480 x 3508 pixels minimum)
– Must be taken with the use of a professional photographer and camera
– Use of an interesting and unique outfit (cosplay, alt, lolita, etc.) in an interest location (we are not keen on studio shots)
– Must be submitted before October 15th
You can contact with your interest about getting into the calendar here.

For those who have submitted early, we will be doing an earlybird selection for the first few people to go into Nekobook if you have submitted before September 7th. For the others you still have till October 15th.