New mascot for Neko Nation revealed!

Neko Nation is excited to announce that we will have a new official mascot for our brand.  In 2012, we introduced a bunch of first anime mascots to the brand, including our famous catboy and catgirl duo, “Ongaku” and “Onigiri” pictured above.  You would have no doubt have seen both of these mascots at our events and online, Onigiri in particular has had the honour of being our head mascot being featured on our social media platform as our main avatar.

We head into 2018 and with Neko we’ve got a lot of big exciting changes and plans!  Neko Nation has changed dramatically since our early beginnings in 2012 when we first started touring around Australia, we’ve since become a massive force in the Japanese music scene, cosplay community and an amazing event for anime fans, cosplayers, those who love Japanese culture and music and just those looking for a unique anime wonderland party brought to life!

So with the new year and all our new changes we’re looking to reflect our new look with a brand new mascot!  Designed by the super talented Miss Mixi, we feel our new mascot represents Neko Nation perfectly with a beautiful, cute, bright bubbly personality and outfit to match, utilising Neko Nation’s familiar blue and pink colour scheme.  One of the most noticable changes is her proportions compared to our past poster girls, we made a conscious decision with our artist to go for more realistic proportions to show that Neko Nation is accepting all, regardless of your size, style, gender, sexual orientation or your taste in waifus.

For those who love Onigiri and Ongaku, don’t worry, they’re not being scrapped completely and will still be featured as Neko Nation mascots, just our new mascot (who we will be naming soon), will be taking the headlining spot!