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Performers: Neko Nation Sydney

At Neko Nation Sydney we will be having a number of special amazing dance performances based on Love Live, League of Legends, K-Pop tracks and more! Featuring Mews, Playgirls and a K/DA cover group. There will be LED, burlesque, hoop, drag and special effects performers who will be bringing spectacular performances all across the night.  Throughout the night there will be an stunning array of amazing performers and performances on the stage that you will not want to miss!


Get ready for this stunning cosplay dance group will be putting the Live in Love Live!  Mews are a Love Live dance group based in Sydney, featuring a stunning crew of 9 talented cosplayers and dancers who have wowed audiences at SMASH and Matsuri with performances based on μ’s and Aqours from the incredibly popular idol animes Love Live School Idol and Love Live Sunshine.  This is set to be their biggest indoor performance under the bright lights at Neko Nation Sydney, their performance is one you’ll Nico Nico need to see as they will perform their Rubesty for you!



You’ll not only be getting a super cute idol anime dance performance, we’ve got one for the gamers too.  A special extra performance from the Mews girls for those who like to rack up those kills, avoiding those deaths and providing assists on the rift.  You know who it is, coming ’round again.  You want a dose of this right now, It’s K/DA, uh!


One of Sydney’s most talented LED, grinding, fire, hoop, cosplayers and staff performers!  Luna is well known across Sydney for her incredible performances in a wide variety of disciplines, her stunning outfits and her ability to stun a crowd.  For the final Neko Nation event she will be her summoning her magical Mars Star Power, as she is set to bring her super stunning LED Sailor Moon performance to the stage.


Play Girls

A super talented K-Pop dance group that have been making waves around Sydney with their high energy performances.  Making a name for themselves with their amazing choreography, slick dance moves online and at conventions.  Bringing your favourite K-Pop songs to life, they will have a special performance at Neko which is set to create history and a Big Bang as they dance the night away!


After amazing burlesque performances in Brisbane and Perth, it’s about time we brought one to Sydney.  Voadora is a super stunning talented performance in the disciplines of fire, LED, hoop, poi and burlesque.  Bringing her super stunning sex appeal and amazing cosplays, this amazing goddess will be bringing out her super crown for Bowser.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a super sexy Bowsette burlesque performance this you definitely do not want to miss out on!


Asuma Jender

This kitty girl has been wowing audiences around Sydney with her amazing drag performances.  She has made a bit of a name of herself in the LGBT scene as gaining a reputation for doing geek and gaming orientated drag performances which has lead for her to be one of the leading drag queens for the Sydney Gaymers events.  For the first time ever, Neko Nation will be bringing a drag queen performance to the main stage, don’t sashay away, this is a lip sync this you’ll want to shantay and stay for!


Support Performances

On stage there will be a specialist array of performers who will be supporting out DJs.  Keep an eye out on the stage for amazing outfits, go-go dancers, cosplay dancers, LED dancers, hoop performers and special effects performers who will be bringing a supreme presence to the stage! 

Catgirls & Catboys

The catgirls & catboys won’t just be serving sushi, you’ll be able to catch them on stage in their amazing outfits and stunning moves on Neko Nation’s stage.  Watch them bring on their amazing dance moves and performances to Neko Nation’s finest DJs!

Performer Lineup

8:10-8:15: Asuma Jender – Drag Queen Performance

8:55-9:00: Luna – LED Performance

9:00-9:15: Play Girls – K-Pop Dance Performance

10:00-10:15:  Mews – Love Live Dance Performance

12:00-12:05: K/DA – League of Legends Dance Performances

12:05-12:10: Voadora – Burlesque Performance


Event Lineup

7:30-8:10: Dakumeow – Kawaii DJ

8:10-8:15: Asuma Jender – Drag Queen Performance

8:15-8:55: Kenaz – Video Gaming DJ

8:55-9:00: Luna – LED Performance

9:00-9:15: Play Girls – K-Pop Dance Performance

9:15-10:00: Andy Trieu – K-Pop DJ

10:00-10:15:  Mews – Love Live Dance Performance

10:15-11:00: Jadeabella – Gaming DJ

11:00-12:00: TeddyLoid (Japan) –  Anime & EDM DJ

12:00-12:05: K/DA – League of Legends Dance Performances

12:05-12:10: Voadora – Burlesque Performance

12:10-12:50:  Little Raven – Drum and Bass DJ

12:50-1:30: Dave Psi – Happy Hardcore DJ

1:30-2:00: Sei – Japanoise DJ

2:00-2:30:  Veld – J-Core DJ

2:30-3:00: Catalystic – Most requested tracks of Neko DJ

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The event will also be featuring amazing anime, gaming, Japanese music and K-Pop DJs that Sydney and also Japan has to offer.  Featuring anime superstar producer TeddyLoid famous for his work with Me! Me! Me!, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, DAOKO, SBS PopAsia host and K-Pop personality Andy Trieu and Australia’s leading gaming D*Jadeabella.


Keep an eye out for Neko Nation’s super stunning sexy and kawaii cute stars with bright bubbly personalities who will be serving all our guests free sushi and candy!  Neko Nation’s catgirls and catboys are here to make sure you have a good time at the Neko Nation finale!


Get photos of your amazing cosplay and outfits at the Little Raven Photography photobooth, get your game at the massive new expanded video gaming area featuring the latest in multiplayer console video games.  Plus there’s multiple bars, free anime balloon sculptures and numerous floors to explore!

Event Guide

Whether you are new to Neko or even a seasoned veteran we’ve got a bit of a rundown on a guide to prepare for the Neko Finale.  How to get there, what to wear, what to expect and how to best prepare for the mega Neko Nation: The End is Meow finale event!


Caturday, May 18th 2019
Manning Bar
Manning House, Manning Rd
Camperdown, NSW

More details here


Earlybird tickets: $19+bf
Second Release: $29+bf
Third Release: $39+bf
Final Release: $49+bf
Door: $60

Tickets available here (Manning Bar)

Manning Bar

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