Neko Nation Purrth is soon upon us and for our special 5th anniversary addition, we have some absolutely amazing stars and performances lined-up for this one!


TeddyLoid (Japan)

One of Japan’s breakout EDM superstars.  He shot to international fame in late 2014 with his musical work on the infamous Me! Me! Me! video from Animator’s Festival.  He’s far from a one hit wonder, having worked on the soundtrack to Panty and Stocking including Fly Away, D City Rock, Scanty and Kneesocks theme to name a few.  He has worked with numerous Vocaloids, Mekaku City Actors, Sailor Moon Crystal, Square Enix and Japan’s #1 idol group (Nikkei Entertainment) Momoiro Clover Z.  Neko Nation is excited to have TeddyLoid for his debut Australian tour!

Check out his music and learn more about TeddyLoid here


S3RL (Queensland)

The #1 hard dance DJ in Australia and #11 in the world (, S3RL doesn’t need much of an introduction.  S3RL is well known to ravers and anime fans all over the world, his unique mix of high energy hardcore and pop culture references has seen many fan dancing hard and going crazy for his music.  Well known for tracks such as Pretty Rave Girl, Kamehameha, Princess Bubblegum, Pika Girl, MTC and many more, Neko Nation is proud to once again have S3RL on for Neko Nation’s 5th anniversary tour!

Check out his music and learn more about S3RL here



MissObscene will be joining Neko Nation’s 5th anniversary with an absolutely stunning firetwirling performance which is sure to heat things up a bit.  Well known for her work in the Twisted Vaudeville Circus, where she’s performed amazing feats with fire, sword swallowing and a bed of nails.  At Neko Nation she will be bringing a performance that will include fire swallowing, fans and even a freakin’ flaming katana.


Miss Meow

Neko Nation’s resident J-Pop and K-Pop DJ will be returning to Neko Purrth.  Having toured around with performances at Neko Sydney and Brisbane, we are incredibly happy to have Miss Meow.  A stunning alt and cosplay model, well known for her work with TrashDolls, Incursion, Shingetsu Site Models, Tokyo Underground and of course Neko Nation.  Her sets have been an absolute joy all around Australia featuring the latest hits and your favourite classics!

Pyon Gaming

On the upper floor we have the awesome Pyon Gaming arena with their video game arena. Get ready to rumble, race and get your game on with multiple TV’s and a variety of different consoles. This is an absolutely awesome way to chill out and game on against friends and other fellow Neko Nation goers!

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Ezza Vendetta

Miss Ezza Vendetta is an all round brand ambassador, promotional model, & entertainer. She’s a bit of a dare devil, you”ll find her skateboarding, dirt bike riding, bmxing, bodyboarding and for the last few months has been doing pole fitness which she has become quite good at. She has been seen performing with Trashdolls and incursion using her dancing and glow twirling skills.



Catalystic has had a very interesting DJing background, he’s played alongside the likes of Japanese musicians such as Livetune, Sisen, Hachioji P and more.  He’s played at a wide variety of places, conventions, goth clubs, warehouses, Adelaide Chinatown, house parties, maid cafes, boats, international radio shows and of course Neko Nation.  Well known for his incredible versatility, whether it’s anime and gaming classics to the likes of J-Core and lolicore.    This time, he’s bringing a mix of anime and gaming classics earlier in the night while finishing the night with an intense J-Core set.


Kawaii Neko no Dansu

Meet Miss Nightfeathers and Miss Meow. Two inspiring models, catgirls and cosplayers from Perth, Western Australia. They came together at work one day and have been best friends ever since. What they didn’t know is that they would not only share a love for anime but also a love for dancing.

One event night they served sushi to the crowd and got up on stage not realising that their dance styles matched. From here they have now been working together to get their cosplays better and bigger leading into 2016 and more dance moves!in their spare time they watch anime, listen to music anywhere from Jpop & Kpop, metal, rock and pop music. One of their mutual shows they like to watch is Supernatural and movies like Rocky horror picture show and Labyrinth are a huge inspiration to them.


Signing Session

TeddyLoid will be selling Australian exclusive merch and will have CD’s on sale which TeddyLoid will be happy to sign on the night.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!


Free Sushi Served by Catgirls and Catboys

Everyone knows that all good parties have free food right?  Plus what good anime doesn’t have fan service, so why not have both?!  The catgirls play a vital role as the hostesses of Neko Nation and do much more then just satisfying the sushi appetites of our guests.  When they aren’t serving sushi they dance, sing along, socialise and make Neko Nation lots of fun for everyone!  Our catgirls aren’t some random booth babes or your average promo girls, they watch anime, play video games and when they’re not serving sushi they want to party like all our other guests!  Our specially selected catgirls play a huge part in making Neko Nation a magical night for everyone to remember!  Not to make anyone feel left out, we’ve decided to get catboys involved in both serving sushi and also free candy!

DJ LineUp


Tickets are still available from Tokyo Underground and now also Respawn!

Alternatively get them online from Eventbrite below:


Neko Nation Purrth
Sunday, March 6th 2016 (Labour Day Long Weekend)
Gilkisons Dance Studio
45 Murray Street, Perth
Pre-Sale Tickets: $19+bf  (SOLD OUT!)
Presale Tickets: $29+bf

Door Tickets: $40
18+ Event

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