Perth – Spring 2016 – DJs + Performers

Neko Nation returns to Purrth this Caturday and we’ve got a star studded lineup of amazing DJ’s and performers to get you partying throughout the night.  We’ve got not 1, not 2 but 10 awesome and amazing DJ’s, which include an amazing variety of anime, gaming and Japanese music DJ’s.  We’ve got interstate DJ The Raven making the trip down and a few DJ’s that have made a big name for themselves interstate making their way to Neko Nation Purrth.

Up on the performing stage will be three absolutely amazing performers who specialise in hoop, poi and fire twirling, dancing and even fire eating.  The performers are absolutely incredible and will bring massive life to the party and will also be supported by Neko Nation’s catboys and catgirls.  Plus we will have amazing sound and lighting thanks to both Gilkison Dance Studio and our tech production friends at FORCE Entertainment.

There will be plenty of activities and actions away from the stage but we will have more details on that tomorrow, for now, here’s the info on all the action at the main stage and dancefloor.


Featuring an amazing array of DJs, Neko Nation Purrth will feature a number of amazing DJs specialising in a variety of styles, whether it’s anime, video gaming, pop culture, Japanese music, K-Pop, electronica and more, we’ve got something to make you want to move.  On the right you can find our lineup and below you can find bios about some of the DJs on the night.  ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Catalystic (WA)

Vaporwave + Anime

Set to play his final show of the year after DJing all across Australia on the recent Neko Nation Spring 2016 tour.  He’s played a number of conventions across Australia including SMASH!, AVCon, Furwag and has played support for TeddyLoid, Livetune, Yui Kanan, Hachioji P and more.  One of the most versatile DJs in the pop culture scene who is excited to play his final 2016 show at Neko Nation Purrth!

Miss Meow

J-Pop and K-Pop

Miss Meow has been Neko Nation Purrth and Adelaide’s resident J-Pop and K-Pop for a few years now.  A massive fan of all things J-Pop and K-Pop, avid lover of PopAsia, cosplay and alpacas.  Miss Meow is a mega talented star well known for her work in the convention, alternative and cosplay events scene and is looking forward to playing at Neko Nation Purrth!

The Raven (VIC)


The Raven has been very involved musically since a young age and is talented not just behind the decks but also on the drums.  A drummer for Earth Rot and Brutonomy and also a DJ for DV8 in the past and now Madhouse in Melbourne, he has entertained numerous people across the years.  A massive fan of Japanese culture and music, he’s excited to be bringing a very exciting and upbeat J-Core set to Perth.


Dubstep + Electro

Local designer, polystylistic DJ, grey-hat shadowrunner, mercenary and weekend supervillain Viktor_Hollow (A.k.a. Christopher James Percival) returns to Neko bringing his signature freestyle electronica honed with over seven years experience rocking parties weather invited or not. He comes accompanied with his world class high-tech DJ equipment rig, the Hollow-tron, and skills to rock a dance-hall like no other performer on the circuit.

Oki Doki


One of Perth’s most famous and experienced hardcore DJ’s.  Oki Doki has been playing at a number of club events and raves around Perth for the likes of F.O.R.C.E., Nightmare Crew, Electrified and more.  For this superstar Japanese DJ, Neko is her chance to play a wide variety of her favourite Japanese hardcore hits and fast paced anime remixes which are not to be missed!


Dubstep + DnB

If you haven’t seen BannGr around the Perth bass scene, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. Having played at many of Perth’s bass heavy nights such as Syndicate, Yum Cha, Attic, and Japan4, as well as having supported the likes of Barely Alive and Lumberjvck, this behemoth of a human knows what tunes will get the people going.



2016 has been a big year for Synthwave and Neko Nation has celebrated that with a number of awesome Synthwave DJ’s who have joined Neko Nation this year.  In Perth we have Mek, a long time lover of Synthwave both musically and aesthetically with his love of 80’s sci-fi films both good and cheesily bad.  Once again prepare for an amazing retro futuristic trip with the sounds of Mek!



Some of you may know this man from his epic gaming setups not only conventions like Furwag & Neko. Now we are pleased to bring to you the Neko Nation Debut of DJ Fractals! With their first live event at furwag getting an encore request, he’s sure to get your ears twitching with some epic gaming tunes!

Giddy Kong

Dubstep + DnB

Giddy Kong has been playing for Neko since the very beginning in 2011. Mostly a bedroom DJ who has used Neko as an opportunity to crank awesome tunes, go had and delivered tonnes of whack to assault the senses to round up the night at Neko as our final DJ for 2016!


Bubblegum Pop

By far the most experienced DJ Neko Nation has to offer, Razz has been a resident DJ at numerous Gilkison Dance Studio events, clubs, boat parties and is quite well known in the Perth DJ party scene.  He brings to Neko one of the bizarrest sets Neko Nation has to offer and that is Bubblegum Pop, 90’s cheese, for some it’s the most amazing set and music you’ll hear, for some it’ll be the most cringiest set you can imagine, either way it’s always gotten quite a reaction and popular with those who love it!

Poi, Hoop and Fire Performances

Things will start to heat up once thanks to our amazing poi, hoop and fire performers!

Pyon Gaming


Sages hoop journey started as just a basic movement therapy after an accident, but soon progressed into an absolute love for circles. Add in flashing lights, multiple hoops and now fire, her passion for hoop dance just keeps growing!
“This is more than just a sacred circle, this is my lifestyle. I hoop because when my body spins, my mind doesn’t. And hey, good vibes come to those who play!”

Pyon Gaming


Probably one of Perth’s most spectacular fire performers.  MissObscene, has made a massive name for herself in everything that she does, whether it’s through modelling, photography, freak show performances and of course fire performances for numerous events around Perth including Twisted Vaudeville Circus, Incursion and more.  Always stunning, sexy and spectacular, MissObscene will be bringing one hot performance to Neko!



He’s been one of Neko Nation Sydney’s top dancers and has been absolutely amazing with twirling and poi on stage at Neko Sydney events.  A talented firetwirler and eater, due to venue restrictions in Sydney he had to make his fire debut at Neko Nation Purrth.  Incredibly talented in his ability to manipulate fire, we are excited to have Bloodraver put on an amazing fire show for Perth!

Latest Updates

DJ Lineup Announced

8:30-9:00 // Vaporwave // Catalystic
9:00-9:30 // Synthwave // MEK
9:30-10:00 // Gaming // Fractals
10:00-10:30 // Anime // Catalystic
10:30-11:00 // J-Pop + K-Pop // Miss Meow
11:00-11:30 // Electro/Dub // Knifeswitch
11:30-12:00 // Bubblegum Pop // Razz
12:00-12:30 // J-Core // Oki Doki
12:30-1:00 // J-Core // The Raven (Vic)
1:00-1:30 // Dnb + Dubstep // Banngr
1:30-2:00 // Electro + Dub // Giddy Kong

You can find more details about our DJ’s further down on the page.

Event Details

Neko Nation Purrth
Caturday, November 26th 2016
18+ Event


Gilkison Dance Studio
45 Murray Street

Tickets $20
Door: $25

Event Links

Click attending on our event page!

Tickets also available from Tokyo Underground


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Neko Nation is an 18+ event. Neko Nation takes place in a licensed venue, according to the liquor licensing act, only the following current (not expired) ID is acceptable
– Proof of Age Card
– Australian Driver’s License
– Passport (Any nationality)
Student cards, bank cards and mecha licences are not acceptable by law, teenagers can pilot mecha anyways.

What is the dress code for Neko Nation?
Cosplay is highly encouraged! We encourage cosplay, alternative and unique outfits for you to dress to impress for your chance to win prizes! We are very open minded with our dress policy, although please cover up all your appropriate parts and wear enclosed footwear.

What is the weapons and props policy for Neko Nation?
Weapons are highly discouraged at our events, unless made out of weaker materials (foam, cardboard), look non threatening, (guns and swords are generally a no-go, compared to staffs and wands) and can be holstered while moving. Our policy is similar to many cosplay conventions although we tend to be a bit stricter, due to the darker environment, people dancing and alcohol. Security has the final say in regards to props and weapons.

What are my transport/parking options getting to Neko Nation Purrth?
Via public transport, it is a short walk up Murray Street from Perth (Underground) Train Station, via car, the Kings Hotel nearby has secure parking

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Via the Facebook event page, Eventbrite page or website. Please note, we will not answer any questions within 48 hours of the event due to production work.

How do I bring my ticket to the event?
You can display the ticket using one of three methods:
– Displaying the ticket on e-mail on your phone
– Displaying the ticket by downloading the free Eventbrite app on your phone
– A printed paper copy of the ticket

Getting There

Neko Nation Purrth @ Gilkison Dance Studio

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