We are excited to be back at Neko Nation Sydney, our first show since October 2014, with Neko Nation Sydney growing rapidly, we had no choice to move out of Imperial Hotel to find a new home.  Having looked at our options we’re going for a Neko Nation first and that’s a dual venue, 12 hour show!  Both parts are included in the ticket price and will feature all the awesomeness that is Neko Nation but what can you expect from the two different venues at this event?


Part 1: Neko Nation (5pm-midnight)

The first part is the mega anime party spectacular, featuring the best of our anime, gaming and Japanese music DJ’s from Sydney, interstate and even internationally as this part includes the amazing Yui Kanan coming from Japan.  This event will be feature dance performances,cosplay comp, video gaming, a number of different areas to play dance, game, chill out, socialise and drink.  Plus of course, plenty of free sushi served by our amazing catgirls.

Yui Kanan (JP)
Head of the Yumino+ music group, CEO of Onigiri Plus, a leading cosplay company in Japan, plus finalist in the World Cosplay Summit.  This gorgeous lady has had an impressive resume in the cosplay and music world which has recently seen her touring Japan and Europe and now at Neko Nation in Australia!



Tall Cat Parade!  (Midnight)

7 hours of Australia’s great anime party might be enough for the rest of Australia but for Sydney, we want to make this one epic non-stop night, so if you’ve got the energy then jump on board the tall cat parade from the Portugese Club to the Marrickville Bowls Club, it will be a short walk taking at most 10 minutes but more importantly, you’ll be in safety with the Neko crew and many other Neko fans and of course having a blast partying from one venue to another, where Neko Science kicks off!


Part 2: Neko Science (Midnight-5am)

For those who are still alive and kicking we are teaming up with Rocket Science for an amazing second part of the night where things get much harder and faster.  For those who like their faster beats, whether you want your beats from the West (Europe) or from the East (Japan), we’ve got you covered at this gig.  The best of Sydney’s rave DJ’s from Rocket Science and Neko’s best rave DJ’s go at it through various versus battles throughout the night.  Get your extra energy from catboys serving candy, candy table, awesome chill out areas, great dance floor and decor.  Like the ending of a great anime, things always get kicked up a notch and harder and Neko is no different with the way this night will end!  Get ready for one of the biggest Neko events to ever take place in Australia!