Neko Nation is almost upon us, whether you’re an experienced veteran to Neko Nation events or a first timer, we’ve got a whole bunch of information that will be helpful to prepare for the night!


Ticket sales will close at the following times:
– Online (Friday 11:59pm)
Respawn (Friday 11:59pm)
Tokyo Underground (Sunday 5pm)

There will be door tickets but tickets will be $40 on the door so we recommend getting them earlier if possible!

Getting to the event

Neko Nation Purrth is located at Gilkisons Dance Studio, below you can find a picture of what it looks like during the day, on the night, you’ll most likely find a lot of cosplayers on the outside to help find it!

Public Transport

Gilkisons is a short walk from either of the Perth Train station exits. If you are coming from the regular Perth Train station, find Murray street and keep walking down till you find Gilkisons. If coming from the Underground Station, you can exit to the Murray Street mall, so keep walking East down Murray Street till you find Gilkisons! Tip: If you need cash, there are a few ATM’s on Murray street before entering Neko Nation.

By Car and Parking

We recommend parking in Wilson Parking next to Kings, there are a number of car parks near Gilkisons but this one has been recommended to us by nearby hotels in the area for being one of the safest ones in the area and close to Gilkisons.



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All Neko Nation shows are 18+ events, you will need to bring a current form of photo ID to enter the event, we only accept the following forms of ID:
– Proof of Age Card (Australia)
– Driver’s License (Australia)
– Passport (any nationality)

There are no exceptions to this rule, as all 18+ events in Australia must follow the liquor licensing laws.  We can’t accept student ID’s, birth certificates, mecha licenses or convincing us with your breast size (see the video above, XP)



Pre-Neko Meetup

Want to meet up with people before the event?  Whether coming with friends or alone, grab some food in the city, make and meet new friendly people at the pre-Neko meetup, 5:30pm at the green cactus, more details can be found here.  This is organised by the awesome people at the Neko Nation Purrth social group.

What to wear

Cosplay is highly encouraged to Neko Nation, being an anime based night!  However in general, we have an incredibly open minded dress policy and dressing up to the max is generally the best way to go but if you wish to go casual that’s fine too, so whatever you choose, don’t worry you’ll definitely fit in!

What not to bring

Please leave weapons and dangerous props at home.  If you feel that it is an essential part of your outfit, we can let is pass if it meets the following three rules:
1. It is made out of light or soft materials, eg. plastic or foam (would it hurt if I hit someone with this?)
2. It does not look dangerous or threatening, and can not be mistaken for a real weapon
3. It can be holstered and put away, bringing a prop out for photos is fine, swinging it on a dancefloor is not.

As a safe and general rule, usually if you’ve brought it into a con before, it should pass, if you couldn’t then it probably won’t but the decision will be left up to security on the night.


Rock up early!

The term rocking up fashionably late, isn’t recommended for Neko Nation.  Showing up at opening allows you to get more sushi in, shorter bar lines and experience more of the night.  The current timetable has TeddyLoid on at 8:15pm, so it’s recommended to get in as early as possible to check out his set.  Just a reminder that this show will open at 7pm!  Starting earlier and ending earlier will help with public transport and anyone unfortunate enough to have uni or work the next day even though it’s a public holiday!


Please bring cash for entry, bar and merch.  There are ATMs located on Murray Street the nearest one to Gilkisons is near the Scientology building (HAIL XENU).

Cloak Room

The venue has a cloak room which will be happy to store bags, jackets and other large items for $5/item.



Safe and Friendly Environment

Neko Nation is home to a very loving and caring environment, you’ll find that the people at our shows are incredibly friendly and all here to have fun, so don’t worry if you don’t know too many people there or worried about not fitting in. We ask that people be open minded when coming to a Neko Nation event with harassment of any kind not tolerated at any Neko Nation event. As long as you have a positive attitude, respect other people and their cosplay, we can all have an awesome time together!

What to expect?

Here’s a sneak preview based on last time, you can check out some of the upcoming features and highlights of the upcoming Neko Nation Purrth event here!

TeddyLoid live in America

You can find our recent Neko Nation Newbie Guide here!