Purrth – Spring 2016 – Features, Catgirls, Catboys + more

Neko Nation returns to Purrth this Caturday and we’ve got an absolutely amazing event in store for all.

While Neko Nation is well known for it’s amazing anime, gaming, Japanese music DJs and performers, that’s not all there is to Neko Nation.  It’s not just all about dancing the night away, there’s numerous attractions away from the dancefloor, when you want to chill out, catch a breather, have a drink, socialise or engage in a variety of entertainment.

This includes a mega room entirely dedicated to video gaming on a wide variety of consoles, areas for you to shop, get balloons or make up done plus of course learn more about our free sushi and candy served by our catgirls and catboys.

We’re set for an amazing night, so learn more about our amazing attractions away from the stage below.

More details about our DJs and performers can be found here.

Pyon Gaming

Video Gaming Section

In the upstairs room we will be having an entire room dedicated to video gaming.  Game on with friends and fellow Neko attendees to prove yourself in a wide variety of games or just to chill out and have fun!  Thanks to our friends at Pyon Gaming we’ve got a wide variety of video games and consoles so there’s something for everybody to enjoy!   o(^▽^)o

Stuff It Creations

Stuff It Creations

There will be a stall for all your cat accessory needs.  Whether it’s paws, claws or much much more, Stuff It Creations are known across Australia as one of the best creators of amazing hand made accessories.  With a wide variety options of styles and colours, there’s plenty to choose from and if not they’re happy to do custom orders!

Pyon Gaming

Balloon Artistry

We will have free balloon making with the incredibly talented Aaron Smyth.  Aaron Smyth is one of the best balloon artists in Australia, having taken out the best party entertainment award in the Australian Whats on 4 Junior’s awards for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  You won’t believe some of the amazing things he can create!  He will be available from 8pm-10pm in the upstairs area.

Stuff It Creations

Glitter Makeup

The Project Glitter girls are taking WA by storm!  A crack team of Perth’s most badass glitter addicts will coat you in as much sparkly stuff as your heart can handle.  For a small fee, you get get shiny and become extremely glittering!

Free Sushi!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and also catboys will once again be taking place at this event, as usual make sure you get in early to get plenty of sushi while it’s fresh and plentiful.  If you’re not a fan of sushi we’ve also got candy being served as well.  Our venue also has food options if you prefer other food later on in the night.  Below you can find some details on some of our catgirls and catboys for the night!

Miss Meow

A legit real life catgirl both at Neko Nation and in her personal life.  One of Neko Nation’s J-Pop and K-Pop DJs in Perth and Adelaide and pulling offf double duty as both catgirl and DJ for the night.  The only thing she loves more than a fluffy kitten, is a fluffy alpaca or alpacasso.

Miss Nightfeathers

Miss Nightfeathers is a stunning cosplayer and performer from Purrth. While she isn’t dancing up a storm, she is taking care of her kitties, watching anime or just being her kitteny self! Our head catgirl and lover of cosplay, you’ll often get to see an outfit that has taken months of preparation!


Will has been an avid cosplayer for years! Having been well travelled throughout the world, he has been to many cons such as Toronto fan expo and San Diego comic con! Will adores games such as Fallout and movies with post-apocalyptic themes! A veteran of neko, he is one to watch out for!


Chris is a happy and cheery fellow who loves to make people smile! While he isn’t out there putting smiles on faces he adores playing Zelda:ocarina of time which has been a part of his life since the age of 3! This kitten will be sure to make you smile!


Dagan is a well knowncatboy in the cosplay and alternative communities. While he isn’t preparing his next outfit, he is watching shows like evengelion and playing games like Mass effect! Our head catboy for the shows,we cannot wait to see what he has planned for this show!


A-game is becoming a well adored cosplayer  in Purrth!  She has a passion for not only cosplay but dance too! She has been trained in hip-hop, Jazz and contemporary dance! WOW!  Having all-round skills and working in the service field, she will be sure to make you smile & entertain you!


Jake has become well known as the super saiyan of Purrth! He has a strange ability to mimic characters from TV or shows and adores medieval culture.  He is also known to throw strange facts into conversations that nobody knew before! No stranger to neko, he will not only delight you with sushi but great conversation too!


Mercedes has just moved to Purrth from Sydney and she is looking to party! Being a hairdresser by day, she loves to dress colourful when not at work! She has the cutest Lolita collection you will ever see and will delight you with her adorable personality!

Latest Updates

DJ Lineup Announced

8:30-9:00 // Vaporwave // Catalystic
9:00-9:30 // Synthwave // MEK
9:30-10:00 // Gaming // Fractals
10:00-10:30 // Anime // Catalystic
10:30-11:00 // J-Pop + K-Pop // Miss Meow
11:00-11:30 // Electro/Dub // Knifeswitch
11:30-12:00 // Bubblegum Pop // Razz
12:00-12:30 // J-Core // Oki Doki
12:30-1:00 // J-Core // The Raven (Vic)
1:00-1:30 // Dnb + Dubstep // Banngr
1:30-2:00 // Electro + Dub // Giddy Kong

You can find more details about our DJ’s further down on the page.

Event Details

Neko Nation Purrth
Caturday, November 26th 2016
18+ Event


Gilkison Dance Studio
45 Murray Street

Tickets $20
Door: $25

Event Links

Click attending on our event page!

Tickets also available from Tokyo Underground


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Neko Nation is an 18+ event. Neko Nation takes place in a licensed venue, according to the liquor licensing act, only the following current (not expired) ID is acceptable
– Proof of Age Card
– Australian Driver’s License
– Passport (Any nationality)
Student cards, bank cards and mecha licences are not acceptable by law, teenagers can pilot mecha anyways.

What is the dress code for Neko Nation?
Cosplay is highly encouraged! We encourage cosplay, alternative and unique outfits for you to dress to impress for your chance to win prizes! We are very open minded with our dress policy, although please cover up all your appropriate parts and wear enclosed footwear.

What is the weapons and props policy for Neko Nation?
Weapons are highly discouraged at our events, unless made out of weaker materials (foam, cardboard), look non threatening, (guns and swords are generally a no-go, compared to staffs and wands) and can be holstered while moving. Our policy is similar to many cosplay conventions although we tend to be a bit stricter, due to the darker environment, people dancing and alcohol. Security has the final say in regards to props and weapons.

What are my transport/parking options getting to Neko Nation Purrth?
Via public transport, it is a short walk up Murray Street from Perth (Underground) Train Station, via car, the Kings Hotel nearby has secure parking

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Via the Facebook event page, Eventbrite page or website. Please note, we will not answer any questions within 48 hours of the event due to production work.

How do I bring my ticket to the event?
You can display the ticket using one of three methods:
– Displaying the ticket on e-mail on your phone
– Displaying the ticket by downloading the free Eventbrite app on your phone
– A printed paper copy of the ticket

Getting There

Neko Nation Purrth @ Gilkison Dance Studio

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