To many in the anime and rave scene S3RL doesn’t need much of an introduction, for those who haven’t heard of him, S3RL presently presents video below is a pretty good place to get started (and for those familiar with him, it’s a pretty damn awesome video to watch anyways!)

S3RL has been making music since 2000, starting off making music on the PS1 with “Music 2000”, looking up to the likes of Scott Brown, Breeze, Styles, Dougal, Gammer, Sharkey, Kevin Energy, Hixxy and more.  S3RL’s hard work would eventually persist when in 2005 Kevin Energy and Sharkey came for a tour down under, S3RL sent them a demo CD and was quickly signed up to New Energy Collective thanks to his track “Transformers”, the first hardcore DJ from Queensland to get signed to a major international hardcore label.

Signing up to an international label only lead to bigger and better things for S3RL, which saw him tour not only all around Australia but also all over the world, culture and even language isn’t necessarily a boundary to enjoy S3RL’s music.  “I was actually surprised when I got to Japan, most of them could barely understand any English but they were requesting songs and when I played them they could sing all the words in English.  I was blown away.”

S3RL’s growth in recent years has not only just been from the rave scene but from many fans of anime, gaming and pop culture with S3RL writing many tracks about, cosplaying, video games, cats, memes and more.  “I love the fact I’ve got a lot of fans in the anime scene, it’s actually made me lean towards making more game and toon (both western and anime) tracks.”

Making the move towards in appealing more towards the anime and gaming fans wasn’t just a “business” decision for S3RL but something he absolutely loves and feel passionate about, he grew up watching Neon Genesis Evangellion and is a massive fighting game fan.  The Neko Nation crew recently went to an arcade with S3RL and we can confirm he’s pretty decent at Tekken and Street Fighter!


The future looks very bright for S3RL, he’s releasing more and more music these days and shows no signs of slowing down.  He’s set to tour Neko Nation once again this March and is looking to go on another international tour in the near future.  We’re very excited to have S3RL joining us for Neko Nation’s 5th anniversary event!

Sydney, Friday, March 4th

Manning Bar
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Brisbane, Caturday, March 5th

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Purrth, Sunday March 6th

(Labour Day Long Weekend)
Gilkison Dance Studio
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