Catgirls + Catboys

Free Sushi served by Catgirls and Catboys!

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and catboys will once again be taking place at this event!  Keep an eye out for our amazing catgirls and catboys who will make sure that you’re being well fed and full of energy to get throughout the night.  We’ve also got free candy as well so you’ll be able to survive the high energy night with a sugar rush.  Our catgirls and catboys can also be seen dancing on the stage, mingling with our guests and even giving away free glowsticks if you’re lucky enough!  So who are they?  Find out more about them below!

Miss Jinx

Hiya everybody ~~ Miss Jinx here and very excited to be attending my very first Sydney Neko Nation! I’m an old face around the Brisbane scene and I’m looking forward to meeting you all! >^.^< I’m a lover of kawaii J-Fashion and a complete Hello Kitty fanatic. Please come say hi at Neko Nation as I help you stuff your face with sushi hehe~


Hexi is a Harajuku fashion lover who is no stranger to the Neko Nation scene, having been very involved in Neko Nation Brisbane! Hexi is a plushie enthusiast, freelance writer and has a crazy obsession for all things kpop! Alongside having to collect almost every cat-themed clothing and accessory she can get her hands on, Hexi loves dressing in a variety of styles in her free time, from Lolita to decora and fairy kei!


Like a ball of sunshine, Gianna spreads smiles wherever she goes. She is a lover and a carer and a ‘mum friend’ who just loves to cuddle. Webcomics, Nintendo games and shoujo anime are her jam. Gianna loves meeting new people and is always ready to help anyone feeling a little lonely or lost. She’ll dance up a storm and mesmerise you with her LED poi and hoop! Ask to trade kandi bracelets❤️


Now that the cat’s out of the bag, introducing Zucat. This purrfect addition to the litter is bound to give you the Cheshire’s grin and claw her way into your heart. A cheerful personality and playful smile has you feline fine and wanting to return fur sure. She can’t wait to see you on the dance floor, Shantay you stay =^,.,^=  (Photo: Okashi)


With her debut appearance at the upcoming Sydney Neko Nation- Rufa is often called a “real-life anime character” due to her big eyes, clothing styles and innocent, cheery personality. She won’t be seen without platform heels and loves all things Hello Kitty, stuffed toys and video games- her favourites being Animal Crossing, Danganronpa and Legend of Zelda. Make sure to say hello when you see her! ♡


Acidtrixx is a cyberpunk cyborg cat. When they’re not DJ’ing industrial or psytrance tunes, you’ll find them cosplaying their favourite characters, such as Super Sonico, Super Pochaco, Poison Ivy and other popular culture and anime figures. Acidtrixx loves dystopian themes and cyberpunk culture with an avid love of the Ghost in the Shell productions. They also have interests in neuroscience and biohacking, so if you want some interesting conversations or just appreciate the cyber aesthetic, be sure to befriend Acidtrixx!


This pretty bearded kitty may have been seen lurking and working in the background of a number of events including Supanova and previous Neko Nations, often helping lead a trainload of our Newcastle kittens safely to the venue. This banana staff yielding side character has been in anime and rave scenes for years and will go to whatever length possible to ensure everybody is having the best time possible. Typically equipped with lollypops and sewing gear, this kitty has zero shame and judgement so feel free to approach them with any hugs or issues you happen to have on the night!

Foxtrot Firelight

Geeky, bubbly and usually on fire, Foxtrot Firelight is a Sydney based poi performer, cosplayer and rampant Simpsons meme consumer. With an aesthetic ranging from otherworldly gothic to saccharine kawaii, this chameleon is happiest surrounded by bright lights, loud music and hugs ????

Lucy Lolita

Lucy Lolita is a maiden of many faces, a true changeling. From glowing blue cyber kitty, to twinkling pink party fairy, she loves nothing more than getting dressed up and having fun. Underneath her many skins Lucy is a lover of history, music, video games, and anime! She loves crafting almost as much as she loves making new friends! So if you see this hyper bubbly kitty bouncing around Neko, come and say hi, she might even have something special for you! ^_^

Nick Nack

Nick Nack is a self confessed weeaboo with a hot passion for Japanese food and culture. This fun loving gal can usually be found in her car singing her heart out to the Spotify Disney playlist, enthusiastically throwing herself 110% into pole dance practice, or in her kitchen preparing Japanese soul food as she sips Kirin beer. If you have the chance, come say “Hai!” To this charismatic individual and you’ll soon find her energetic personality infectious.


Hello~I am 3Stripe, aptly named from my love of Adidas! If you had met me a few years ago you would have found me spending most of my time playing Maplestory and curating a 0-follower tumblr blog! Nowadays, I spend most of my time playing LoL and curating a 1-follower tumblr blog^^ On the side, I do research in Korean linguistics, play violin/erhu and do Japanese calligraphy.

Little Wolf

Little Wolf is a princess of pastel pink and a lover of all things freaky, quirky and kawaii! When she’s not gaming or cuddling up with her alpaccassos, she plans to take over the world with her glitter and sparkle, one event at a time…  Ever the wolf in cat-masquerade, you may have spotted Little Wolf MCing or Catgirling at Neko Nation Brisbane, but this will be her Sydney Catgirl debut, so make sure you say “hi” if you see her!”


Caturday, March 17th, 2018
Max Watts Sydney
Entertainment Qtr, Building 220,
122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW

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Congratulations, you’re now aware about of our kawaii catboys and catgirls who can wait to serve you at Neko Nation Sydney 2018 but that’s not all we have to offer!  There’s a lot more to our event, so click the pictures or our links below to our other pages where you can learn more about what Neko Nation Sydney has to offer!

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