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Neko Nation’s soundtrack for the night will be provided by some of the best anime, video gaming, K-Pop, Japanese music DJs and more.  We’ve got some of the best DJs in their field not just in Sydney but all over Australia and our very special guest hailing all the way from the USA.  Prepare to be amazed as you’ll hear tracks that remind you of all your favourite animes, video games and even all your favourite TV shows and get ready to dance hard and be entertained not just by the music but also by what’s on stage.

We have some amazing performers for you on the night, we’ve got a Love Live dance group, a live vocalist inspired by K-Pop and Overwatch, a K-Pop dance crew and we’ve got many amazing support performers thanks to our catboys, catgirls and also some very skilled LED performers.  Whatever you’re into, Neko Nation Sydney will not disappoint, scroll down below to find out some of the amazing sights and sounds you’ll be able to see on our stage!

The Living Tombstone (USA)

He is one of the most talented producers in the world when it comes to video gaming and pop culture remixes and covers. His career started off in the My Little Pony fandom, where he rose to fame through his tracks such as Discord, Pinkie’s Brew and Dubstep Dishwasher. To prove he was more than a one trick pony, he found tremendous success with his work with Five Night’s of Freddy’s and his Spooky Scary Skeleton’s remix. In recent years, he’s worked with the likes of H3H3, Markiplier, Gumi, performed across multiple continents and has had even more releases and success with recent releases focusing on Mario, Splatoon and Overwatch.

Neko Nation Sydney will be The Living Tombstone’s very first Australian live performance and it’s certainly a performance you don’t want to miss!


One of the biggest names in the world when it comes to happy hardcore. He first dabbled in music creation on the Playstation 1, grabbed professional tools and got signed to the Nu Energy Collective in 2005. He gained a lot of traction in Australia and worldwide in the happy hardcore community with his fast and euphoric beats but this was only the beginning. Inspired by his love of old school fighting games and love of pop culture, he found gained a great following in the pop culture community for tracks such as “Neon Genesis”, “Princess Bubblegum”, “Pika Girl”, “Techno Kitty”, “Space Invader”, “Neko Nation Anthem (Remix)” and more!

Andy Trieu

A martial arts champion, Kid’s show TV Host and was once of CLEO’s Top 50 bachelors but these days Andy is best know as the face and host of SBS PopAsia.  Without a doubt the biggest authority when it comes to K-Pop in Australia and will be making his Neko Nation debut in Sydney!


Get ready for this stunning cosplay dance group will be putting the Live in Love Live!  Mews are a Love Live dance group based in Sydney, featuring a stunning crew of 9 talented cosplayers and dancers who have wowed audiences at SMASH and Matsuri with performances based on μ’s and Aqours from the incredibly popular idol animes Love Live School Idol and Love Live Sunshine.  This is set to be their biggest indoor performance under the bright lights at Neko Nation Sydney, their performance is one you’ll Nico Nico need to see as they will perform their Rubesty for you!


Vina online, she doesn’t just play to win, she’s singing and performing to win as well. Vina recently teamed up with Deerstalker Pictures for her amazing GG video which has put it’s own unique Overwatch twist on the famous Girl’s Generation track, Gee. An absolutely stunning cosplayer and talented vocalist, at Neko Nation Sydney, all systems will be online as she plays to win and GG!

Play Girls

Work hard, play hard, we are Play Girls!

We’re a ragtag group of mischief makers and sometimes we even dance! Our crew has dancers who range in experience from beginner to advanced, but our main focus is always to have fun and be awesome. We hope that our performance will bring you happiness and leave you trembling in delight. It has been an absolute honour to be asked to perform at Neko Nation and it will be the highlight of our year!

Check out our Facebook and YouTube page for more updates!




One of Neko Nation’s most popular anime, gaming and pop culture DJs.  Jadeabella is bound to get the crowd going with her fast paced, high energy, super fun sets absolutely filled to the brim with all your favourite anime, video game and pop culture references.  Jadeabella has made a name for herself with stunning cosplays, amazing DJ sets all across Sydney, Australia and even America!  We’re excited to have Jadeabella join us after her amazing USA show back home to Neko Nation Sydney!


From the world of the Scarlet Wastelands, Kenaz returns to Neko Nation to bring a super fun video gaming set.  Get ready to be taken on a journey as we kick it old school from the 8 bit worlds to the next generation of video games and everything amazing in between.  He’s the man behind many amazing cosplays and the incredible Scavengers of the Scarlet Wastelands series on Youtube and also an absolutely amazing DJ who will bring the energy, mana and hit points to Neko Nation!


A mega talented music promoter behind some of Neko Nation’s most famous anthems including his remix of the Neko Nation Anthem and Kaka Kore.  Essi has been a major part of the Sydney rave scene and has been playing at numerous gigs for many years.  A massive fan of all things [email protected], Gundam, dancing games, fighting games and Japanese culture we’re excited to have Essi bring funky, fast, high energy Japanese happy hardcore tunes late into the night.

Daiku Industries

One of Neko Nation’s best kept secrets on the decks.  A talented music producer who joined Neko in recent years with his unique chilled out funky beats inspired by kawaii lolis, magical girls, sweet lolita fashion, catgirls, bunnies and gangsta rap.  Combining dirty genres such as Drum N Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Rap with J-Pop that will give you a sweet tooth to a super happy sweet neko kawaii magical land!  ^____^


The West Coast’s leading K-Pop and Vocaloid DJ is making their way down to Sydney!  Dakumeow has been one of the headlining and most popular DJs at the Neko Nation Purrth show and has seen her tour all around Australia with with her K-Pop sets.  Bringing unique outfits, dance moves inspired by her favourite Japanese idols and K-Pop stars, she has now touched down in Sydney and will be opening the night with a special Vocaloid set.


The “Supreme Neko Overlord” returns to the decks.  Responsible for the creation of Neko Nation and a huge influence on the anime, cosplay and Japanese music scene.  Catalystic brings a wide variety of genres and styles to the table, he’ll be bringing two sets to Neko Nation Sydney, including a cute, fluffy, upbeat J-Pop set early on in the night and a fast paced, kawaii, Japanese Happy Hardcore set to finish off Neko Nation Sydney 2018.

LED Performances

Our DJs will be supported by our catgirls, catboys and also our special LED performers.

We’ve got an amazing array of performers who will create a kaleidoscope of colour, painting the air with their instruments of choice.  Our performers will be using a variety of hoop, poi and LED effects as well as spectacular dance moves that will keep you absolutely fixated to the stage all night long!

DJ and Performer Lineup

7:00-7:25pm: Catalystic (Anime)
7:25-7:55pm: Dakumeow (Vocaloid)
7:55-8:00pm: Vina (Live vocalist)
8:00-8:30pm: Daiku Industries (J-EDM)
8:30-9:00pm: Kenaz (Gaming)
9:00-9:10pm: Mews (Idol Dancers)
9:10-9:40pm: Jadeabella (Anime + Gaming)
9:40-9:50pm: Play Girls (K-Pop Dancers)
9:50-10:40pm: Andy Trieu (K-Pop)
10:40-12:00am: The Living Tombstone (EDM)
12:00-1:00am: S3RL (Hardcore)
1:00-1:30am: Essi (DnB + J-Core)
1:30-2:00am: Catalystic (J-Core)


Caturday, March 17th, 2018
Max Watts Sydney
Entertainment Qtr, Building 220,
122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, NSW

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Congratulations, you’re now aware about all of Neko Nation Sydney’s DJ’s and performers for our 2018 but that’s not all we have to offer!  There’s a lot more to our event, so click the pictures or our links below to our other pages where you can learn more about what Neko Nation Sydney has to offer!

Catgirls, Catboys and Free sushi

Neko Nation’s famous free sushi served by catgirls and catboys will once again be taking place at this event!  Keep an eye out for our amazing catgirls and catboys who will make sure that you’re being well fed and full of energy to get throughout the night.  Inspired by the maid cafes of Akihabara, Japan, this is Neko Nation’s answer to having our catgirls and catboys entertain and look after you throughout the night to make it an absolutely magical night!

Find out more our catgirls and catboys here!

Overall Guide to Neko Nation Sydney

We’ve got amazing DJs, scintillating performances, catgirls and catboys serving free sushi but that’s not all!  We’ve got a dedicated video gaming room where you can game on all night, there’s a photobooth to take photos of all your amazing cosplays and outfits, we’ve got multiple bars serving all your favourite local non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, multiple floors to dance or chill out on.  There’s a lot more to Neko Nation than you might think!

Find out more about the Neko Nation Sydney event here

Guide to Preparing for Neko Nation Sydney

We’ve got this amazing show for you to enjoy but how do you make the absolute most of it?  Well we’ll show you the best way to get there, what you’ll need to bring (ID, ticket), what to wear and how to best prepare for the night to make Neko Nation Sydney to be a night you’ll never want to forget!

Find out more about our tips about how to best prepare for Neko Nation Sydney here

Countdown to Neko Nation Sydney








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