What a fantastic night we had at Neko Nation Sydney, our biggest and bestest show ever to date, we saw a massive convergence of anime fans, cosplayers, Japanese culture enthusiasts and those who absolutely love to party hard Neko style!  With an amazing night comes a lot of amazing memories, including pictures and videos and here they all are captured by our amazing media team!



Charmaine Morgan Photography
(Hi Res): https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZqQFoH

What A Big Camera

Octopus Photographic Service

Backyard Opera

Le Clubz


Exclusive releases:

DJ Sets

A.Coe – Sydney – July 2014 – J-Pop + K-Pop

Neko Nation Sydney – July 2014 – Jpop & Kpop by A.Coe on Mixcloud

Jadeabella – Sydney – July 2014 – Anime

Kenaz – Sydney – July 2014 – Gaming

Mechazawa – Sydney – July 2014 – Hardstyle