Sydney – Spring 2016 – DJs + Performers

Neko Nation returns to Sydney and we’ve got an absolutely crazy and spectacular lineup of performancers, interstate DJ’s, local DJ’s, and catgirls and catboys supporting the stage with their dance moves.  The lineup for this show is a revolutionary change on the past, featuring 15 different DJ’s and performers, a new record for any Neko Nation Sydney event that we’ve done!

The new lineup and direction has a greater focus on variety with the key focus of there being something for everyone, both in terms of stuff you know and love and some really awesome surprises that you’ll enjoy on the night.  The sets are shorter, sharper and straight to the point and while we’ve got all your usual traditional genres with anime, gaming, J-Pop, K-Pop, J-Core but we’re introducing some awesome new genres such as Japanoise, Vaporwave and Love Live.  Ensuring that Neko Nation is able to evolve and innovate through a mixture of what you’re used to and new additions both one offs and new inclusions.

This is set to be a mega lineup and a mega show, without further ado, introducing our mega performers and DJ’s below!

Neko Nation Sydney event details

Neko Nation Sydney Tickets


It’s not just all about the DJs at Neko Nation we’ve got amazing entertainment up on stage that’s sure to rock your world at Neko Nation Sydney!

Zichxyna (QLD)

(Vocal Performance)

Zichxyna is one of Australia’s leading Visual Kei and J-Rock vocalists.  Since a very young age, Zichxyna has been incredibly musically talented, taking up piano and singing.  It wasn’t until her teenage years she discovered the world of Japanese fashion and music and in particular many J-Rock and Visual Kei bands that would inspire her style and singing.  She made her singing debut at Neko Planet Brisbane in 2014 alongside international acts.  She would later release her self titled EP in 2015 and recently made a comeback at the mega Neko Nation Brisbane relaunch earlier this year.  Raw, powerful and downright demonic, a powerful presence on stage through both her amazing fashion sense and her amazing voice.  Her first interstate performance, we are very excited to have Zichxyna on board for this event!

Love Live

(Dance Performance)

 We’re celebrating the end of Love Live Sunshine in style, with a special Love Live DJ set which will be followed by a dance performance.  From the dance team that brought you that incredible Me! Me! Me! video comes an awesome Love Live dance performance featuring some of Sydney and Melbourne’s best cosplay dancers.  Even for those who are yet to see Love Live, we’re sure that this amazing dance performance will win you over and for fans of the show, it’s going to be one amazing performance to get excited about.  μ’s STARTO!

Poi and LED Performances

On stage we will have the lovely Luna (pictured), Cem, Krash and our amazing array of catgirls and catboys on stage supporting the DJ’s on stage.  Whether it’s with LEDs, Poi, staffs, hoops and a variety of tools, they’re sure to provide an amazing atmosphere and performance alongside our DJs.

Interstate DJs

We have a spectacular array of DJs who have come from all over Australia, who are the very best and specialise in their genre of choice, learn more about our talented interstate acts below

Silhouette D’Amour (Vic)

J-Pop and K-Pop

An absolutely stunning cosplayer who is considered one of the best anime, gaming, J-Pop, K-Pop and alt DJ’s and event promoters in the East Coast and returns to Neko Sydney!

Sei (Qld)


Brisbane’s leading J-Core DJ although this time he will be bringing the debut of Japanoise in Sydney, it’s loud, aggressive, noisy that is sure to wake up Neko Sydney and get you moving!

Meji (Qld)

Gaming and J-Rock

The gorgeous Meji makes his second stop on the Neko Nation East Coast tour with a fast paced set of awesome gaming remixes, plus some of his J-Rock favourites as a warmup for Zichxyna.

Catalystic (WA)

J-Core, Love Live and Vaporwave

The man behind TeddyLoid’s Australian tour, he’ll be starting off the show with Vaporwave for the first time in Sydney, doing the Love Live set before the performance and finishing off with J-Core anthems.

Local DJs

Neko Nation Sydney features some of Sydney’s best DJ’s in their genres of choice, who are sure to get you moving and grooving throughout the night.


Pop Culture

This absolutely stunning cosplayer is one of Sydney’s most famous cosplay DJ’s, back from her recent Neko East Coast tour, she’ll be playing lots of pop culture anthems and remixes!



The man behind the mind blowing Scavengers of the Wasteland series, he’ll be bringing out the cheddar for one cheesy gaming anthems and remixes set!


Trap and DnB

A DJ with lots of history in Sydney’s rave scene, this amazing J-Core DJ is bringing something a bit different with a Japanese Trap and DnB set.

Little Raven


Making his DJ debut at the mega Brisbane show recently, Little Raven is bringing his awesome array of J-Trance classics to Neko Nation Sydney for the first time.



A music producer who has a background in a wide variety of styles, he be bringing his favourite anime remixes, Vocaloid tracks and more.



Neko Nation steps back to 1980’s science fiction with Synthwave, this talented clothing designer is bringing his unique funky retro style for this first time.

DJ Lineup

7:30-8:00 // Catalystic / Vaporwave
8:00-8:30 // Tessel / Synthwave
8:30-8:45 // Meji (QLD) / J-Rock
8:45-9:00 // Zichxyna (QLD) / J-Rock (Live)
9:00-9:30 // Little Raven / J-Trance
9:30-9:55 // Catalystic (WA) / Love Live
9:55-10:00 // Love Live / DANCE
10:00-10:30 // Jadeabella / Pop Culture
10:30-11:00 // Kenaz / Gaming
11:00-11:30 // Silhouette D’Amour (VIC) / J-Pop + K-Pop
11:30-12:00 // Meji / Gaming
12:00-12:30 // Cherax / Anime
12:30-1:00 // Essi / Trap/DnB
1:00-1:30 // Sei (QLD) / Japanoise
1:30-2:00 // Catalystic (WA) / J-Core

Event Details

Neko Nation Sydney
Caturday, October 1st 2016


Manning Bar
Manning Rd (University of Sydney)


Earlybird Tickets: $19+bf
Presale Tickets:$27+bf
Door: $37

*Door tickets available *UNLESS SOLD OUT PRIOR*

This is a strictly 18+ event, photo ID required.

Event Links

Click attending on our event page!

Neko Nation Sydney @ Manning Bar

Getting There


For stops on Parramatta Rd (closest to the Quadrangle) catch buses on routes 412, 413, 435, 436, 437, 438, 440, 461, 480 from George St or Railway Square.

For stops on City Rd (closest to Darlington campus) catch buses on routes 422, 423, 426, 428 from Castlereagh St or Railway Square.



Get off at Redfern Station and walk for about ten minutes to Manning Bar. You can also get off at Central Station and take a bus.



For Timetable information

Call 131 500 or visit



From Broadway heading west along Parramatta Rd, take the first left after the big intersection and parkland on the left up University Rd. Veer left around the main Quadrangle, which is on your right, and the Library on the left. Go straight then turn right onto Manning Rd, and follow down to Manning on the left.



Several parking stations on campus are within walking distance of Manning Bar. Parking costs $6 after 3pm. Please don’t drink and drive.



Taxis Combined – 133 300
RSL Ex-Servicemen’s Cabs – 9581 1111
St George Cabs – 132 166
Legion Cabs – 131 451



Manning House has lifts, hydraulic wheelchair ramps, wide doorways, access ramps and disabled bathrooms on every floor.

Manning Bar also has a Hearing Loop so hearing-impaired guests can tune their hearing aids to the local frequency for better amplification.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Neko Nation is an 18+ event. Neko Nation takes place in a licensed venue, according to the liquor licensing act, only the following current (not expired) ID is acceptable
– Proof of Age Card
– Australian Driver’s License
– Passport (Any nationality)
Student cards, bank cards and mecha licences are not acceptable by law, sorry even teenagers can pilot mecha.

Are there door tickets?
Yes, there will be, if you are unable to buy tickets beforehand please get to the event early. A sellout is unlikely but there’s a possibility, please get in early to guarantee entry as a number of Neko Nation events in other cities have sold out this year.

What is the dress code for Neko Nation?
Cosplay is highly encouraged! We encourage cosplay, alternative and unique outfits for you to dress to impress for your chance to win prizes! We are very open minded with our dress policy, although please cover up all your appropriate parts and wear enclosed footwear.

What is the weapons and props policy for Neko Nation?
Weapons are highly discouraged at our events, unless made out of weaker materials (foam, cardboard) and look non threatening, (guns and swords are generally a no-go, compared to staffs and wands). Our policy is similar to many cosplay conventions although we tend to be a bit stricter, due to the darker environment, people dancing and alcohol. Security has the final say in regards to props and weapons.

What are my transport/parking options getting to Neko Nation Sydney?
Please visit the Manning Bar website which features a number of options getting to the venue

Is there a cloak room on site?
Yes, Manning Bar will providing a cloak room for $5.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Via the Facebook event page or website. Please note, we will not answer any questions within 48 hours of the event due to production work.

Countdown to Neko Nation Sydney