The End is Meow – The Final Neko Nation Tour

Neko Nation will be officially saying farewell with one final hurrah with The End is Meow tour.  We will be doing 6 final shows before officially calling it a day with Neko Nation.

The first part of our tour will be taking place from July-August, featuring 3 smaller production style shows in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra where we will be partnering up with conventions to put on some amazing after party events.  We will have more details on these events shortly.

The second part of the tour will be taking place from August to approximately March 2019.  We will do our final tour with our biggest shows yet in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.  These events will be taking place in August, October and March respectively.

Please keep checking back here and on our social media as we will be working hard to get more details on these shows very soon!

The decision to end Neko Nation was not an easy one.  Currently we have recently come off the back of one of our biggest and best shows to date with our recent Sydney gig with The Living Tombstone.  Our events have been doing incredibly well, we’ve had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from all our fans, lots of exciting and amazing events and the potential to grow and take the concept of an anime/cosplay club event to even bigger and better things.

The decision to wrap up Neko Nation has nothing to do with the event itself but it was a personal decision from myself and my business partner in regards to being able to commit to continuously run Neko Nation events at a super high quality that we would be proud off.  The lengths that we go through to put on these events have taken a toll on my health and realistically I can only see myself doing this for around another 12 months, hence the decision to wrap up Neko Nation with one final tour.

The decision to walk away is an incredibly difficult one, it’s one that I feel will make a lot of people very sad that such an amazing event and experience will be closing its doors for good.  I feel honoured to have been part of a scene and a style of an event that many people told me when starting it up would never work, let alone the amazing event that myself and so many amazing people involved have contributed and attended to make it an amazing journey.  I’m super upset that I have to walk away from Neko Nation due to circumstances beyond the actual event itself.

I’ve talked to people behind the scenes in regards to anyone who wishes to buy/takeover after I am finished with Neko Nation.  There’s not too many people with the skills and experience require to take over Neko Nation and those that could haven’t shown interest and are busy with their own events, rather than taking up an event like Neko Nation.  Like many events in the anime and cosplay scene this is done out of love rather than a way to make a living (we actually have actual 9-5 day jobs!)

Neko Nation was inspired by other events and event promoters in the previous decade.  While Neko Nation and myself as an event promoter might soon be over, I feel that the next generation of event promoters will see what Neko has achieved and take inspiration to run similar style events and make bigger and better than I ever could, just see Arcade Party in Spain and Mexico!  While I may not be running events in the near future, I’m very excited to see what will happen in the future and would absolutely love to help and inspire the next generation of anime, anisong and cosplay party/club events.

Finally, don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it’s happened.

Craig Backshall (Catalystic)
Owner/Australia Manager